The doctors outlined the specifics of the second wave of coronavirus in Russia

A new wave of coronavirus in the past weeks fall in different European countries and the United States, taking a new life. States that have abolished it, quarantine restrictions, enter them again, which causes dissatisfaction of the population. Or not introduce them, which also leads to discontent. Meanwhile, former Russian chief health officer, the Deputy of the State Duma Gennady Onishchenko made a statement that Russia the second wave SarsCov2 will fall in autumn, but by the time we formed the “large stratum” of the population with immunity, so quarantine is not required. How reasonable his statement.

Врачи обрисовали специфику второй волны коронавируса в России

Many countries, having survived the outbreak of coronavirus, began to slowly lift the restrictions, but here and there it starts to result in significant deterioration of the epidemiological situation. Israel has reached the point that on 7 July, chief epidemiologist of the country Sigal Sadetzki wrote 9 pages a letter of resignation, explaining that the leaders had ignored her warning and opened the country too quickly, causing a new surge COVID-19. “Unfortunately, over the last few weeks the compass, managing the pandemic, lost its direction, – said Sadecki. – We are disappointed to watched the expired hourglass possibilities. On this basis, I came to the conclusion that the new environment in which my professional opinion is not accepted – I can’t help in effectively countering the spread of HIV.”

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic introduced in Belgrade curfew due to the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus and forbidden to meet more than five of them, which led to mass protests. A difficult situation in the US, where the crown spread to the States of California, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas. “The restrictions continue, says the California resident, radiologist Olga Dunaeva. For example, the historic race in which I participate every year, postponed for September 20 from the end of may, is cancelled exactly, with the right to transfer to the next 2021 or maybe to 2022. About any events we are not talking at all. Schools are open, but classes will be halved. All students will wear the masks and learn, apparently, in two shifts. The academic year begins in mid-August. The incidence rose sharply. She began to grow in mid-may before the protests. People are just tired to be afraid, besides swept the unemployment. In the parks and on the streets the number of people in masks has sharply decreased. It is not a violation of the rules. But we’ve adapted. I go to the store still as possible, my family has no contact with anyone and not going to. My husband works remotely. It’s a real pandemic, and it is raging and no end in sight”.

In Europe, many companies transferred employees in the “home offices” just for the next two years.

Meanwhile, former Russian chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said that if the coronavirus back, “we do not have the right to follow the path when everything is completely forbidden, not allowed people to work, to move.” Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases to them. E. I. martynovskogo sechenovskiy University Alexander Lukashev agree with the former Russian chief sanitary inspector: “the Need and intensity of the response depends on the immune segment. And the higher the layer, the less intensive need anti-epidemic measures. Thus, when the interlayer 60-70% limitations almost not needed. When the layer to 20-30%, which we have already reached in Moscow, it will require partial restrictions, primarily the limitation of the possibility of a mass congestion of people and mask mode. However, in some regions of the country immune stratum none or it is minimal, where there were few cases of infection. And there may need more stringent control measures. But in such strict isolation, as in April, it will not be necessary. Then it was necessary to deploy a new bed, develop treatment methods and to produce remedies. Because now, all these problems solved, strict isolation is much less relevant.”


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