Analyst told where and how to store the charger

Аналитик рассказал, где и как хранить зарядные устройства

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Analyst of the mobile market, the main editor of the site Eldar Murtazin reported where it is dangerous to store the charger and what are the risks of using counterfeits.

He noted that if charging from a reliable manufacturer, then you can leave it in the socket. But there are a few places where charging cannot be left in any case.

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The first is the bathroom, because there is moisture, water. Also to charge the device in the bathroom is impossible, it leads to problems. The second point — if you have Pets, do not keep the charger where you feed them and poite water, the analyst said in an interview with radio Sputnik.

He added that if the charger does not charge the device, but simply left in the socket, the electricity consumption is not. But this does not apply to cases when the charging is broken or of questionable manufacture. Then it may even catch fire.

In addition, can not be permanently left on charge the external battery, it needs to be under supervision.

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