95 atomic facts from the conductor with the experience, which everyone should know

The user Yaplakal under the name Stirlitz shared fun facts and stories from the life of the conductors. The collection is particularly useful for frequent train passengers who wonder why railway officials hate seeds and so suggested tea production.

1. In the summer can be very cheap to travel a long distance in good cars. Discounts on the top shelf in a compartment is 50%, and to save, and to save yourself from blackarrow, grannies and constant walk on the car

2. For God’s sake, don’t charge your gadgets from outlets in the carriages. Most often, the wiring in the car is so-so, and if the guys do not come out of all the electrics in the car, the battery itself, you just screw it up. Poverbank — our everything!

Although, in fairness, it should be said that the iPhone — not so scary. That’s when you insert the extender into an extension cord, and a few laptops — it is scary and dangerous guides is usually suppress

3. Personally, I’ve never seen and did not give the passengers wet underwear. On the contrary, it comes from the Laundry hot, and it was a blast, nice to give. Therefore, 99% of wet linen in the trains, it’s stories.

4. If you buy the Explorer tea products at least 100-150 rubles, you open yourself the door to the magical world of Smoking in a train, if you are a smoker. 150 roubles — not such a big sum to fail, and the conductor of the plan of sales

5. No need to think that you are the smartest spies in the world and will be able to hide your rubbish under a shelf, in shelf, under the mattress, table, etc. After each flight raked a bunch of debris, and once the passengers forgotten on a shelf 3 gas burner, lol.

6. In many cases, too frequent wet cleaning of the carriage guide only leads to a rise of dust from top to bottom so conductors are not pigs, this particular operation.

7. By the way, the career of the conductor one for yourself, with rank 3 pass 4 work in two-storey buildings and the Siemens CP above 15 percent. Then if God will save, will be sent to the course head of the train. These**s, as there is very little where to meet, so there shove.

8. 3 and 5 compartment — emergency exits, the Windows there don’t open, so in the summer there is unbearable hot and will not do anything if there is no air conditioning. Consider this if you are going to go far, and the car you will be yourself.

9. Conductors sometimes realize your tea instead, which is sold with stickers. Most often, it is not a good life — the remnants of the tea products Explorer buys or balance sold by then. Personally, I was always a little something, but I buy from the conductor, solidarity.

10. DRINK VODKA TRAIN — YOU CAN. But only passengers. And do not overdo it — the conductor has the right to unseat the passenger who seems to be too drunk to take two receipts from passengers were not working.

11. Every not nailed to the floor element of the car you need to follow. Forks, spoons, glasses, brooms, knives, brushes — if you have lost it all deducted from our salaries, so the conductor, though obliged to give free fork, spoon etc, but still be to look out for you.

12. Brushes — different story altogether. People manage to FLUSH THEM down the TOILET. Seriously, I don’t know how it happens, but in the second year of work began to tie the rope brush.

13. Once we were traveling with a passenger that other passengers right at the station handed over to the cops for what he injected in the bathroom and left in the urn syringes. It took right at the station, but it turned out that he was a diabetic and injections of insulin.

14. Air conditioning in the car running on generator which starts working only when the train picks up speed more than 30 km/h. that is why a trip on the black sea coast (4 hours at a speed of 30-35 km/h and stops) hell.

15. In General, the issue of the air conditioning conduit on the side of the passengers. We are the same people who go to the same terms as you, really. The change we have last 12 hours, and all this time you have to be in shape. If the conductor says that the air conditioning does not work, then he is not lying.

16. In the summer many of the compositions work student teams. Most of them are really trying and working well, otherwise they just were not on the trains. So if your guide student, it is likely that it will be very for you to try.

17. We just do not give for sale — Swiss knives, pillows for sleeping, gold coasters, kid’s coloring. Once we are in flight gave Altai balms for potency, flew away in a jiffy.

18. Very often on trains like Adler-SPb put on the older cars, because the new need for the other flights. And the price no one has changed, therefore by buying a ticket for 6-8 thousand, you may go to the old German car without toilets, are.

19. But the old German cars are very valuable guides. Yes, the door open with his feet, Yes, hot, but these cars will definitely not something down the road, and not have to wait for repairmen at larger stations. Hi, new cars TVZ!

20. The average salary of a student guide — 25-30 thousand per month. The advance is issued at the beginning of the month, SN — 20 days. It may seem that for the student it is a steep salary, but the bulk of the money goes to stupid to eat. And conduits want to eat constantly.

21. Staffing guides do not like the students students on staff. All this transformirovalsya to global PI**ing all in the delivery/acceptance of the car.

22. The strange and infuriating issue that I’ve heard for a couple of minutes before you arrive at the station coming from the car, ask “And in what way we were coming?” Olo, I’m not a Manager, how do I know where we will be served?

23. A guide is a profession in which ingenuity must be unscrewed to the maximum. It will help to settle a conflict with a passenger, and earn money, and to conciliate the chief. If you are stupid like a cork — you have nothing to do here.

24. Car depot can be arranged for students for the summer Dorm. This is the old cars staying on eternal Parking in the middle of nowhere. There’s the motion never stops, and life is, despite the unsanitary conditions and the heat in these cars.

25. Sometimes, the conductor rides in the three conductors on the 2 cars, and this one comes ad Israel, if he goes to the reserved seat. Sleep in the “got 5 minutes — sleep”, food in the “doshic food of the gods” and all that.

26. No need to think that if it is a student conductor, he can do whatever he pleases, because he’s still working on a temporary basis. All asking the same, and particularly large Spliff will end in expulsion from the University.

27. Baggage of passengers — a separate song. No one wants to remember that the maximum baggage weight is 36 kg per one ticket in the reserved seat, and the sum of three dimensions must not exceed 180 cm Not, be sure to log in with 19 bags, because YES, I have THEM LAID somehow.

28. From Moscow to Belomorsk in the reserved seat once rode a tour group of 30 people, and they put all of their kayaks on 3 shelves at the top. The feeling of the jungle never left me when I was going through the car.

29. A lot of enthusiasts to buy fruits, vegetables, meals at smaller stations grandmothers. Most often these purchases end queue to the toilets.

30. Night shift is much heartier day. Salepay into the computer, sleep, sometimes open the doors at stations, smoke on the Technicals, drink tea and eat — heaven on earth.

31. Many students go to the guides, “to see the country from a train window”. For all the time that I was working for pure time looking out the window it was typed 3-4 hours, the rest of the time need something to do.

32. If you think about Smoking in the toilet, no one will know you’re wrong, because the ventilation of the car is designed so that the vestibule, the toilet and oblique corridor the air is pulled into the compartment of the conductor.

33. To catch smokers start information sheet. The first such sheet — a fine of 1,500 rubles, and the ticket will indicate that you are a smoker, the second — they will not sell you a ticket on the train.

34. Had very mixed feelings when the station arrives Ukrainian train. If in my composition, I knew that I have a perfect order and a new car and our crew, too, that our brothers just hell, both inside and outside of the car. The USSR never went away.

35. Conductors in flight bathed in the toilets. Yes. Recruit a basin of warm water, cut off the bottom of patricroft and pour yourself until tender. Otherwise you will quickly turn into a huge piece of dirt and sweat.

36. Wet cleaning should be done at least 2 times per day, dry — as pollution of the car, but not less than 2 times. Remember that.

37. The money from the sale of charity postcards do go to the save the children Fund, it’s not cheating from the Railways. This deals with a special Department.

38. If you really want to thank the Explorer for the trip, call the hotline. The probability of obtaining a prize will increase by several times.

39. I hate people who do not merge itself after the water from the ramen, and throw the box directly into the trash bag. He then proceeds, often on the floor and start complaining. Not necessary so, it is better to drain into the toilet and throw it away, it will take you 1 minute.

40. How much warning did not write, people still throw paper in the toilets. You ruin it for yourself, the toilet is not repaired on the road. And so because of one f**suffers for the whole car.

41. After the dismissal of the first wish — to take human souls. Oooooh, how much of this happiness.

42. Take a group of children is a plus and minus.
Plus — if a full car, you can sleep peacefully and not to open a small station, plus they often buy the ENTIRE tea production.

43. Very nice when a man cleans up after themselves, if you accidentally make a mess. Let us all be.

44. In the compartment carriages to transport animals. And all anything, but I once saw on a leash was taking the RACCOON and walked him on the stations. Hahaha I live here.

45. Work also involves minor scrapes, scratches and bruises. Sometimes you don’t know where and what was hit, but it hurts and it takes quite a long time.

46. The water in the titanium is not infinite, so you need to always keep the car filled with water. The kettle also works only in motion, so it’s important to monitor the water level because it is possible to burn the heating elements and you will be flushing anything.

47. Oh yeah, old cars do burn coal. It is impossible, but who cares?

48. Vapers is another story. Wapiti in the car it is not possible to smoke but are the pundits that IT’s VAPOR AND NOT SMOKE I don’T SMOKE.

49. Rain — a nightmare for a conductor. Wash the floor 3 times more often, and a rag for wiping the feet usually step over.

50. The solidarity of the conductor and the passenger is when you wash in the compartment floor, and all go out of their seats, taking shoes and without disturbing you.

51. Safety — not an empty phrase. At least for this watch, but every year accidents happen with passengers and conductors. So please be careful and listen to the guide, all the instructions on a piece of iron written in blood.

52. PACKAGES CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED. QUITE IMPOSSIBLE. EVEN THE ENVELOPES. My friend by the FSB planted the fake bomb to the platform, disguised as a bottle of pills. Just before the dismissal is not reached.

53. New cars the conductor is cooler with. We are obliged to carry it baby food, if you ask, but if you ask the handler, put something else.

54. By the way, the toilet during buffer zones can be used only if you need to wash up and brush my teeth, shave, etc. the handler will stand around and watch, not to use the toilet.

55. Or if you urgently need to go to the child, to refuse we have no right, but in this case it is impossible to press the pedal of the toilet.

56. In General, sanitary zone — a thing rather conditional. If the wagon is full enough to close in 5 minutes to the station and open 5 minutes after departure. This reduces the voltage of passengers in all senses).

57. Observe meetings and partings — it really is a magical thing, for which is to work as a guide. Stories fly around you, and to feel it — something.

58. If you decided to save money and not to buy clothes, your destiny — to lie on the shelf or walk on the car because a mattress without linen cannot be used, Yes.

59. The area of responsibility of the conductor — clean car and good service, if broken air conditioning in the car is hot, then its maximum — to open Windows and pray for repairmen.

60. During the work, learned to cook on Titan buckwheat with meat, pasta, chicken soup, sausages and salads, so it is not always conductors are eating some instant noodles
Among them can be guaranteed to bring home the ulcer.

61. The dining car — a separate caste. Cooks and waiters practically live in it, and at night laying directly on the floor because there is nowhere else. And in the afternoon they can feed conductors at a slightly reduced price

62. PI**ing and theft thrive on a cosmic scale. They steal everything and everyone, so even leaving at 5 minutes to close all of the key

63. Guides — a place where there is love. I know a lot of couples who began to meet as partners in cars

64. The idea is that the conductor is obliged to provide, dominoes, checkers, chess, on-demand, but for 3 years I have never seen in any car!

65. The conductors are also prohibited, especially to sell alcohol in cars. Punished by dismissal and a black list

66. And most importantly — the guides are the same people as the passengers. If you will treat them like human beings, then your trip will be very comfortable, extra gig and a guaranteed Wake-up, if you go out at night, etc

67. Always used a little trick — when I started white night near Murmansk, tightening the Windows to not go light on sleeping
A cloud of gratitude not have to wait long

68. Explorer sometimes gives little oprosik, asking to fill in name, surname and telephone
This guys the probability of a call to you — 1%, so it will be good if you will help guide and complete the

69. The marginalia at the toilet abdalati advantage, which covers all the flaws — you are always first in the bathroom in the morning

70. Corporate rules, the conductor can not be discussed with passengers their job, so most conductors do not support your talking about how bad the Railways with old carriages

71. To sleep sitting in the service compartment, because the compartment of rest sleep is your partner, and on the top shelf bags with underwear — norm

72. Sick in flight — simple, even the strongest of my comrades have been here for a week with a temperature of 38, and I had to clubbing non-stop and sleep at night on the stretch

73. If the car caught fire at speed, it will burn in 5 minutes. Follow all fire safety

74. If you want to lose weight — go to the guides, for 3 summers less than 15 kg, is never lost

75. There are auditors who travel to your part of the work, there are auditors who simply go on vacation. The first one is still those scum, the second is the most understanding people in the world

76. Conductors that leave the toilet dirty, eat their same — because against the toilet ruining one prize total, so I haven’t see a really disgusting dirty shocks

77. In flight to the North provide plenty of toilet paper, air fresheners, rags and paper towels, so a good half of it all bahrivets home to native stations

78. Sector quality — vicars of Satan on earth. I see, so the car was literally licked write violation because the window cracked, or away the paint on the wall. As a rule, pass the sector quality without violations is unrealistic, and that’s minus the premium paid.

79. If the toilet is dripping from the ceiling — give the conductor the cap, it did not see to it that when refueling the car on time, disconnected the hose and the car, “poured”

80. Average sales of tea products per passenger — 25 rubles per person. If you’re in a reserved seat on both sides was driven 200 people, which is quite real, get ready to give 5K. Souvenirs is not taken into account

81. The best sleep is when you gave up the day shift and unable to sleep at night, not breaking the routine. I have always worked with best friend in a couple of day to keep everyone in the car was good and no mistakes, and it’s night maintain cleanliness of floors

82. I love passengers with the column. Even though they are often listening to something old, but driving a little more fun

83. About two-storey buildings have little to tell. I only know that on the second floor top shelf is very close to the ceiling, and the coupler is just horrible, the cars are the thing in motion were decoupled. In Adler depot for repairs were mainly dvuhetazhki, I don’t know why

84. Now reveal a terrible secret — you can rent bed linen for the conductor when you leave for the station! And the guide could not make you give him a set of clothes, with a maximum of half an hour to be ready to go

85. If you’re lucky, tea production in the end of the flight take in fact — many have sold so much and give. But it should be a top head of the train

86. Noticed that the level of apathy of the conductor increases proportionally to the age of a subject. Therefore, young conductors can move, if that)

87. The conductor of the passenger train — really hard work. I know people who broke after the first flight and went home, spit on all

88. Want to know Russia from the inside — welcome to the train! Here to discuss all the different layers of our society, from painters, to customs officers of the port of Novorossiysk

89. Knowledge of foreign languages is very useful. From Moscow to St. Petersburg regularly go the Americans, the British, the Chinese, the Germans, the Norwegians, the Greeks, the Israelis — and all helped to creep and find their place. The award was given money or souvenir — Swiss army knife

90. With all the difficulties and ambiguities, I really love this work. The feeling of being wanted comes almost immediately, this is one of those jobs where the result of your efforts is immediate. Thanks passenger for your work means a lot

91. Oh and about the money a little bit. The rate of Explorer 3 categories (students) floats from 75 to 85 roubles per hour. The most interesting thing in the accounting of your working time is not the time of Parking. Even though she’s 2 minutes, at least 40. It seems small, but over the summer you lose about 1000

92. “Hard to you probably, Yes, young man?”, “Poor thing, how do you work here?”
“What do you have here?”
People ask, as if sparing, and after 10 minutes throw out the garbage bins

93. While developing the thermonuclear hatred seeds! God, they start you dream about at some point!
In the husk it all: floors, shelves, carpets, Windows, toilets, linens, easier *SS to assemble a Lexus, than to collect all the skins of the seeds in the road

94. Cool new service carry the machine in a special trailer car. I saw in Adler immerse quite expensive Ferrari. Do not carry the machine in a special car, don’t.

95. Some compositions include a shower in the staff car. Is 100-250 rubles, but the conductors are clearly asked not to bathe in the shower

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