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Peter Brandt predicts growth of up to ETH $300

Veteran trading and cryptanalyst Peter Brandt believes that the season will soon begin altcoins and Ethereum has the potential to significantly surpass the first cryptocurrency.

According to the analyst, the second-largest cryptocurrency will soon begin a “significant breakthrough” in the direction of omadi 0,032 Satoshi.

Brandt has published a comparative graph of Ethereum and BTC, which clearly showed a huge increase of ETH with the beginning of the year.

Peter Brandt predicts growth of up to ETH $300

In addition to the steep dips in March and may, Ethereum as a whole showed good results compared to the VTS. Only in the last five days Ethereum was able to gain more than five percent against bitcoin but the trading guru is convinced that this breakthrough is still far from complete. If bullish momentum continues, Ethereum may test resistance barrier of $ 300 in the coming days.

Tuur Demeester from Adamant Capital agreed Brandt, stating that the technical picture Ethereum is very optimistic and it will grow in the coming months in connection with the upcoming release Ethereum 2.0.

Peter Brandt predicts growth of up to ETH $300

Since the beginning of July most of cryptoexpert noted a significant rise in prices of altcoins in relation to bitcoin and the first official opening season of altcoins. However, the Director General of the Binance Chanpen Zhao recently suggested that the season altcoins is not touched all of the coins.

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