In Alaska, found a fragment of fossilized jaw of a rare dinosaur

На Аляске найден фрагмент окаменелой челюсти редкого динозавра

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A fossilized fragment of the jaw of a dinosaur discovered in the Arctic zone of Alaska.

As reported, paleontologists have described a fossilized jaw with one preserved tooth, which belonged to a previously unknown to science species of lizard presumably belongs to the family of predatory dinosaurs dromaeosauridae, related to birds. The most famous representative of this family — VelociRaptor.

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Scientists report that the jaw belonged to a young individual that lived 70 million years ago. It is noted that science is a big breakthrough because their bones were so thin that they are rarely preserved in the fossil record. This complicates attempts to understand the ways of their settlement on the planet.

New fossil may help to know what types dromaeosaurids inhabited this important from the point of view of paleontology of the region. It is believed that Alaska was predatory dinosaurs a kind of corridor of migration. Scientists have suggested that lizards got back from Asia and transit has gone South.

Earlier wrote that Japanese paleontologists found the shell of the smallest known dinosaur egg. It is assumed that its size was 4.5 by 2 cm, and it weighed about 10 g. the Egg belonged to a flightless dinosaur Himeoolithus murakamii, who lived more than 106 million years ago.

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