Scientists have calculated the size of the “safe serving” of fries: lovers of fast food in shock

Harvard researchers decided to determine how much French fries you can eat without fear for health. For this they conducted a study involving a group of volunteers who are actively involved in sports, stick to a balanced diet and observe proper sleep regime.

The results of the experiment unpleasant surprise all fans of fast food… it Turns out that even with this way of life, to eat French fries is not recommended.

Source: The Sun

Who doesn’t love a Golden and crispy French fries? This is perhaps the most popular snack that goes well not only with fast food, but also meat and other hot items. But for anybody not a secret that “lean” this snack is not necessary, because the potato slices literally swimming in oil to get to our plates as tasty.

But is it not possible at least occasionally to pamper yourself? It found researchers from Harvard University.

Studies have shown that eating fried in a deep fryer potatoes has a negative impact on human health. First and foremost, people who love this delicacy, you may experience heart problems. In addition, not uncommon cases of diabetes and obesity.

According to studies, a “safe portion” are the six (!!!) straws of potatoes in a week (!!!). And that’s assuming that the person leads an active lifestyle, eats right and has no problems sleeping. Six straws! For a whole week…

Previously, similar observations were conducted by Italian scientists, who managed to find out that people who do not fries at all, lived half a year longer than those who rarely indulged himself.

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