As hidden and forgotten collection of cars found new owners

Fifty new Chevrolet 60 years of production in an abandoned dealership in Nebraska, dozens of retrocars and race cars “Formulas-1” in the hangar of the farmers in Portugal, about a hundred of vintage patterns, including the personal transport of king of Egypt, under the wooden canopy in a small French town is striking in its scope the collection of cars and was for many years abandoned and forgotten.

Abandoned warehouses around the world from dust and humidity die unique cars previously belonged to kings and movie stars. We remembered a few cases in recent years, when the collection of the antique auto, the cost of which is measured in millions of dollars, suddenly found new owners.

Under a canopy in the French province

1. A few weeks ago in a small provincial town of Mulhouse in France in the sheds was discovered about a hundred rare cars. Among the forgotten retrocars were instances of the Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and Bugatti.

2. The cost of the collection of tens of millions of dollars. So, according to experts, only one Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider 1961 issue today can be sold for at least $14 million, and the Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua, off the Assembly line in 1956, will leave at least $3 million.

3. It is established that the car “Talbot-Lago” from this collection in the middle of the last century moved the king of Egypt and the Sudan, Farouk the first, and one of the Ferrari 250 used in the filming of Los Felinos with the participation of Jane Fonda and Alain Delon.

4. As reported by foreign media discovered a collection previously owned by local magnate Roger Baylon. It is known that the car had a lot more, but when in the 1970s, the years of his financial situation deteriorated, he was forced to sell part of his collection. For some reason, the machine was left to rust in sheds, remains unknown.

5. About 40 unique cars and all were left to the former owner under the open sky, and for many years was full of rust. But still about 60 copies have been preserved well.

Warehouse in new York

6. Abandoned garages enough, not only in the provincial towns and villages, but also in Metropolitan areas. A quarter of a century in one of those places in new York remained a curious collection of cars, consisting mostly of Chevrolet Corvette models different years of release.

7. Until recently the car belonged to the artist from Germany named Peter Max. The history of this collection can hardly be called ordinary. In 1988 music channel VH1 held a contest among the audience and gave the winner of the 36 “Corvetto”. This is a very strange prize went to Danny carpenter Amodeo — he was able first to reach the TV Studio.

8. Almost immediately, the collection passed into the hands of max — he bought it from laborers over $250 thousand On the present-day value of these cars has increased several times.

9. Max was not going to use the purchased machines for the purpose they needed it for some art project. However, a creative idea was never implemented, and sports cars for 25 years just sitting in the garage.

10. And just this year, two American families agreed with the artist about buying his collection and is now engaged in the restoration of cars.

Farm in Portugal

11. An elderly resident of new York, having retired, decided to invest the accumulated money in real estate. His choice fell on the already long-empty manor in Portugal. Previously, the land and buildings belonged to the couple, and after their death for lack of heirs passed to the state. After 15 years, the land together with a house and hangar was put up for sale.

12. American, which purchased the property, did not know about the contents of the hangar — the massive iron gate was well-brewed, and to look inside was not possible.

13. Curious new owner, having opened the gate, found that in the hangar where the Apple fall nowhere — it was literally Packed with vintage cars.

14. In this collection were models such as the Porsche 356, Lotus Seven, an Alfa Berlina, Austin A40 Somerset, De Ville, Renault Dauphine, Opel Rekord, and a further 90 units of technics, including unique fighting fireballs “Formula 1”.

15. The entire collection of experts evaluated the eye $35 million.

The basement of the house on the outskirts of Brussels

16. In the basement of a half destroyed house on the outskirts of Brussels about 40 years stood idle the vintage cars of the Italian brand Alfa Romeo.

17. Among dusty copies were Spider, Sprint 1300, Clean Me, and many others.

18. The owner of the mansion was the Belgian who was engaged in car rental services. In the 1970-ies the man went to travel around the USA, but for some unknown reason did not return home.

19. For the ownership of the warehouse with the machinery of local government for many years had legal proceedings with the heirs of the perished, missing businessman. But as a result, in 2012, relatives have been able to defend their interests and get a unique collection.

20. About how the heirs disposed of the property is unknown, but the desire to buy them some cars showed the largest museums in Europe.

Garage in Texas

21. A few years ago in one of the abandoned hangars in new Hampshire in the state of Texas were accidentally discovered three cars worth several million dollars.

22. Rare Ferrari Dino 246 GTS 1974 edition (with a run of 4.5 thousand km), Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona 1972 (15 thousand km) and the Maserati Bora Coupe 1977 (1.5 million km) stood in the garage for about 40 years.

23. As the sports car was almost perfect. What’s more, Ferrari Dino, according to experts, was in better condition in comparison with all the surviving collectors cars of this model.

24. As it turned out, in the 1970 s Italian sports cars belonged to a friend of Italian racer Luigi Chinetti, which has long been owned by America’s first Ferrari dealer network.

25. Under any circumstances, cars were found and who became their new owner, was not specified. Yes, and the finding was not immediately known, but only in the summer of 2011, when all three cars were for sale on eBay.

Abandoned dealership in Nebraska

26. In 2012, Nebraska also under unknown circumstances was discovered abandoned several decades ago, the warehouse of the dealer of the Chevrolet brand.

27. Under a thick layer of dust 50 pieces of brand new Chevrolet stood in the room since the middle of last century.

28. Among the found instances of the Chevrolet Cameo 1956, Chevrolet Impala 1964 Chevrolet Corvette 1978 Chevrolet Corvair 1960.

29. All the cars have the mileage does not exceed a few miles.

30. Preserved and stickers with prices on the Windows machines, and even the cellophane on the seats. The body of these cars is almost not touched corrosion, so they successfully sold at the local auction.

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