Fled to the United States virologist: China concealed the truth about the coronavirus

A Chinese specialist in Virology, had fled the country, accused the Chinese authorities in concealing the coronavirus. The woman hiding in the US, for fear, as she claims it may be among the “disappeared” of informants.

Бежавшая в США вирусолог: Китай скрывал правду о коронавирусе

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, a virologist from Hong Kong Dr. Lee man Yan told early study, which, according to her, she spent in connection with COVID-19.

A woman doctor who specialized in the field of Virology and immunology at the Hong Kong school of public health ran April 28 in the United States. According to her, if she was caught, she could be thrown in jail or worse, make one of the “disappeared”.

Yang said in an interview with Fox News that, in her opinion, the Chinese government knew about the new coronavirus long before said about it. She says that its leaders are known as some of the leading experts in this area have also ignored it held at the beginning of the pandemic studies, which, in her opinion, could save lives.

Now hiding Yan believes that her life is in danger. She fears she will never be able to return home and live with the knowledge that, most likely, she’ll never see the homeland of their friends or family.

“The reason I came to the US, is that I convey a true message about COVID” she said Fox News and added that if she tries to tell their story in China, she “disappear and die”.

Yang, who says she was one of the first scientists in the world studying the new coronavirus, allegedly asked his supervisor at reference laboratory of the University / who, Dr. Leo Pune, in 2019, to study the strange cluster similar to SARS cases emerged in mainland China at the end of December 2019.

“The Chinese government refused to allow foreign experts, including experts in Hong Kong, to conduct research in China, she claims. – So I turned to my friends, to get more information.”

Wu Yan was a vast network of professional contacts in various medical institutions in mainland China where she grew up and spent most of his studies. She says that is why she was asked to conduct this kind of research, especially at a time when she says that her team knew they were not getting the whole truth from the government.

One of her friends, a researcher from the Center for control and prevention of diseases in China, knew about the case and allegedly told 31 Dec Yang on transfer from person to person long before China or who admitted that such distribution may

According to Yang, she reported on some of these initial findings to your supervisor.

“He just nodded,” she recalls, and told her to keep working.

A few days later, on 9 January 2020, the who issued a statement: “According to Chinese authorities, the virus can cause severe disease in some patients and may not easily be transmitted between people … There is limited information to determine the overall risk that a fixed cluster”.

Yang said she and her colleagues throughout China were discussing a particular virus, but she soon noticed a radical change of tone.

The doctors and researchers who previously openly discussed the virus, suddenly stopped. Experts from Wuhan city, which later became the center of the flare, stopped, and others were warned not to ask the details.

The doctors ominously said, “We can’t talk about it, but we need to wear masks,” says Yang.

Then, according to her sources, the number of cases of virus transmission from man to man began to grow exponentially, and Yang started to look for answers.

“There are many, many patients who do not receive treatment in time and the diagnosis is not put in time – says Yang. The doctors at the hospital scared, but can’t speak. The CDC staff is scared”.

According to her, she again reported his findings to the Manager on 16 January, but that’s when he allegedly told her “keep quiet and be careful.”

“He warned me before: “do Not touch the red line. We will have problems, and we will disappear”.

She also alleges that co-Director of the laboratory, associated with who, Professor Malik Peiris knew what was happening, but did nothing with it.

As noted by Fox News, on the website Peiris who is listed as “adviser” of the Emergency Committee of the who international health regulations in connection with the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV.

Yan was upset, but not surprised.

“I already know what happens because I know about corruption among international organizations such as who, the governments of China and the Communist party of China, she says. – So basically … I accept it, but I don’t want this misleading information was disseminated around the world.”

Who also denies that Yang, Pun, or Peiris ever worked directly for the organization.

“Professor Malik Peiris is an expert on infectious diseases who participated in missions and expert groups who, like many people, prominent in their fields – said the press-Secretary of the who is Margaret Ann Harris. – It doesn’t make him an employee of the who and the who representative”.

Yang says that despite any obstacles, she had to speak out despite the personal and professional consequences: “I know how they treat whistleblowers”.

When decided to escape from China the woman landed at the international airport in Los Angeles after a 13-hour flight, she was stopped by the customs officers. Fear swept over her, and Yang didn’t know if she will go to jail or be sent back to China.

“I had to tell them the truth,” she says. – I’m doing the right thing. So I said to them: “don’t let me go back to China. I’m the one who came to tell the truth about COVID-19… AND please protect me. If not, the Chinese government will kill me.”

According to her, was caused by FBI agents, who interviewed her for several hours, took her mobile phone as evidence and allowed her to continue the path to the destination.

While Yang tried to find her place in America, her friends and family remaining in China, she said, and passed through the pressure. Yang argues that China her tiny apartment was ransacked and interrogated her parents.

The University of Hong Kong was removed from the site its page and, apparently, withdrew access to its online portals and emails, despite the fact that, according to her, she was on approved annual leave. In a statement to Fox News, a representative of the institution stated that Yang currently is not an employee.

“Dr. Lee man Yan is no longer an employee of the University,” – said in a statement. “Out of respect for our current and former employees we do not disclose personal information about her. Your understanding is welcome.”

The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. told Fox News that they don’t know who is Yang, and argue that China heroically coped with the pandemic.

“We have never heard of this man,” reads the email. “The Chinese government quickly and effectively responded to COVID-19 from the moment of its occurrence. All his efforts were clearly with full transparency documented in the white paper “combating COVID-19: China in action.” The facts say everything.”

Who also continues to deny any wrongdoing in the first days of the emergence of the virus.


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