Count the money: trump has lost in the Supreme court

Пересчитать деньги: Трамп проиграл в Верховном судеThe Supreme court allowed the new York court to obtain the tax Declaration of U.S. President Donald trump. The head of state refused to publish them for four years, but this defeat was he able to transform into a political victory.

The U.S. Supreme court ruled that a new York court can obtain financial statements of President Donald trump.

According to the decision of the judges in a suit filed by several congressional committees, the accounting firm Mazars LLP, whose client is the trump obliged to disclose financial records to the President for the last nine years.

At the same time, the Supreme court denied the opportunity to receive a presidential Declaration, the U.S. house of representatives, dominated by members of the Democratic party.

Democrats in Congress argued that these documents would allow to determine the involvement of the President to the fraud, money laundering and illegal use of official powers.

In fact, the Supreme court decision does not mean immediate publication of the tax declarations of the American President. The claim was returned to the lower instance, where trump will be able to try to prove his innocence.

The Supreme court decision was passed by an absolute majority, he was supported by seven judges out of nine, but in the highest judicial body at the trump were and supporters. So, judge Samuel Alito said the court’s decision undermines the functioning of the presidency. He emphasized that never in the history of the local Prosecutor did not request the financial documents of the incumbent.

The trump promised that he would continue to fight for the inviolability of their documents, calling the decision unfair and politicized.

“I won “loose mller” witch hunts and other [battles], and now I have to continue the struggle in the politically corrupt new York city,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Talk about a political defeat trump prematurely. Moreover, the head of the White house may well present the events as a small victory.

First, the triumph of trump is associated primarily with the fact that his tax returns due to legal and bureaucratic delays are likely to remain confidential until the November elections. And, therefore, cannot affect his position in the presidential race.

In addition, the President of the United States may resort to a familiar tactic to him, which showed itself both in business and in politics: there is no defeat, only an opportunity to regroup and attack. “He’ll do it with weapons — comment on the situation, the American lobbyist Brian Lanza, who worked on the campaign of trump in 2016. — He’s going to counterattack”.

Press Secretary of the tramp Kaylee Makineni has called the Supreme court decision “a victory for the President.” As the head of the White house, she made attempts to disclose tax returns trump in line with the investigation by Mueller and the attempted impeachment, stressing that this time the Democrats again failed.

Thus, it is already clear visible line of defense of the United States, and to accuse Democrats of persecution and refusing to work for the benefit of society.

The Democrats do have long sought the ability to obtain tax returns trump to find out whether there are any violations related to payment of taxes.

However, the U.S. Treasury has repeatedly rejected such requests, and the trump noted that the attacks of the Democratic party about the “witch hunt” to which the American leader considers the case of “Russian interference” in the elections of 2016.

Trump also claims that during his presidency, he only loses money, not earns them. According to him, becoming the head of state, he has lost at least $3 billion. “what I the President cost me a fortune, but I don’t care I don’t care,” — said the President.

He also noted that spends most of the money on lawyers because his opponents “every day” serves him against lawsuits in the courts. At the same time, according to Forbes, the total value of assets of the President of the U.S. is about $3.1 billion.

It should be noted that trump was the only one in modern U.S. history, a candidate who has not filed tax returns, explaining that his company was in the process of being audited.

This moment, and so aroused distrust by society, but the situation was exacerbated by the publication in 2018 an investigation, The New York Times. The material of the newspaper claimed that trump had received from the Empire of his father Fred trump at least $413 million for facilitating tax evasion. “President trump was involved in a questionable tax schemes during the 1990s, including cases of outright fraud, which greatly increased his fortune, received from parents” — to such conclusion came the publication on the results of its investigation.

According to the newspaper, trump has created a front company to conceal from the tax authorities of millions of dollars received from their parents — Fred and Mary trump gave his children more than $1 billion this money could be taxed at a rate on gifts and inheritances 55%, which would have amounted to at least $550 million, but paid only $52.2 million in taxes, representing about 5% of the state, wrote The New York Times, citing “financial statements and tax reports.”

Interest in taxes, trump also increased after testimony to Congress of his personal ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who said that trump has indicated understated the value of their business assets, and lowered the salaries of employees to pay less tax.

In General, the tax charges against trump was relevant even during his first election race in 2016. But then, this did not prevent him to be elected for the presidency.

In particular, the theme heard at the debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. Then the candidate for the Democrats said that her opponent did not pay Federal taxes for certain periods of time. “It just shows that I’m smart,” in his typical snobbish manner parried then current President of the United States. To further the theme more than once exploited by the media and politicians. The American leader replied that the only one who managed to bypass the US tax system can fix it.

And yet in this story there is a fly in the ointment for the head of state. If it turns out that trump spent the manipulation of taxes and benefits, it could cost him the presidency. Such a precedent already exists. So, Vice-President Spiro Agnew under President Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of problems with tax evasion. It happened in 1973 in the framework of a plea deal to avoid prison.


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