Scientists have created a system of suppression of noises from the open window

Учёные создали систему подавления звуков из открытого окна

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A group of scientists from Singapore, Japan and the UK, led by Professor Nanyang technological University bham, a Tibetan drama Lam has created a system that allows to damp the noise from the open window. The researchers noted that using the device the level of external sound can be reduced in two times.

As it turned out, to apply the system zvukopodrazhanii you can not only when using headphones, but in a normal room. Scientists are using a system to jam up to ten decibels of the average sound flow at the open window.

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Usually the noise is suppressed by some obstacle. This method is called passive noise reduction. For the active stub of the sound, do the following: you need to create a sound wave in antiphase, which dampen the noise being imposed on him. To completely suppress the sound, you need to create the corresponding background. In practice make it extremely difficult.

In the experiment, attached to the bars of the window size of 8×3 meters 24 microdrivers configured to suppress noise of transport. Measured frequency noise in the room to use the front speakers and after.

As a result it was suppressed to 50% coming from the street noise, reports “Uinform”.

As previously wrote South Korean scientists have developed a nanocrystal, which is protected from radiation at the cellular level. It is able to mitigate exposure and to minimize tissue damage.

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