Scientists said the risk of awakening ancient viruses due to the melting of permafrost

Ученые заявили о риске пробуждения древних вирусов из-за таяния мерзлоты

The melting of permafrost due to climate warming may lead to the exit surface of ancient ecosystems, including viruses, reported RIA Novosti senior researcher at the North-Eastern scientific-experimental station in the village of Chersky Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS Sergey Davydov.

“More than 60% of our territory is permafrost. It rocks deposits that were frozen millions of years ago. Accordingly, we can get what was once part of the ecosystem. There was a huge mammoth ecosystem with animals like mammoths, musk oxen, woolly rhinoceroses, there was their illness. It was all frozen, now melting,” – said the scientist.

Davydov noted that researchers find new viruses, which, “fortunately, the man is not paying attention.”

He noted that the number of the Yukaghirs – the people of North-Eastern Siberia in the time period of smallpox, which was accompanied by high mortality. “It is not excluded the fact that somewhere in the permafrost smallpox preserved. The epidemic which were in the past, need to be studied,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, as reported by a scientist in the remains of mammoths found anthrax.

In turn, Deputy Director for science of the permafrost Institute. P. I. Melnikov, SB RAS, senior research fellow, international scientific-educational center of biogeochemistry and climatology BEST Institute of natural Sciences NEFU Alexander Fyodorov said that climate change in Yakutia increases the risk of the release of anthrax burial grounds and ancient bacteria.

“This issue (the risk of thawing of the burial grounds with anthrax – ed.) was also to climate warming. Channel processes in the rivers sometimes opened these mounds. And with the warming of climate, this risk increases much more,” he warned.

In addition, according to scientists, the melting of permafrost can cause other problems. “Many bacteria are released with degradation of permafrost. Professor at Moscow University Anatoly Brushko many years, publishes in Russian and Yakut press about ancient bacteria from permafrost of Yakutia,” – said Fedorov.


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