Grown cedar of nuts with your hands

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

His Majesty – cedar – the symbol of the righteous, doing God’s will, the king of the taiga. A great desire to have a gray-haired giant in their area. Growing near the house cedar cleans, disinfects and enriches the air. But the main value is in its nuts, which Mature tree can produce up to 50 pounds in a year!
The process of growing long, but possible.

The stages of germination

Cedar can be grown from the ordinary nut, bought in the store. Easier to do it at home.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

Will need a Bank where covered with nuts and filled with plain water. For disinfection add a little manganese. Leave the jar for three days, changing the water daily. As a result, the nuts will sink to the bottom, and some of them will swim. Viable are only those that drowned. And they need to take.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

Then take any container, wrap the nuts in a moist napkin or cloth. Cover must be with holes for ventilation. Put into the refrigerator for 4-5 weeks. Thus, seeds will be stratification. The seed of the pine is difficult to grow, so he needs a boost – reduced to +3 temperature. It is better to start to do in February that within a month the seeds have been in the refrigerator. And in March to start the process of germination of these nuts.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

Every three days you need to check the seeds. The mould rinse under running water, rubbing together in his hands. Thus it is necessary to change the cloth. Mold can appear up to three times, therefore this procedure must be repeated.

In March with the release of the spring sun to put the seeds in a warm place. Be sure to check for moisture. After about 1.5 – 2 weeks nuts begin to germinate. Seeing hatched the seed, just plant it in the prepared container with soil.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

There is another option: take a large container with soil. All nuts to be planted 1 cm from each other. Cover with plastic wrap, put on the windowsill. When the seedlings to transplant into the tank or wait for the return of frost and plant directly outside in a permanent place.
The soil is better to buy a ready to softwood, or any other, but with the acidic environment.


Is mandatory weeding – small cedars grow slowly (over 5 cm), the grass can score, deprived of access to sunlight. The first few years the plant is practically not visible. Then spend mulching the ground and leaves. You can take a litter of coniferous forests. It helps to ensure that the soil around the barrel is loose, absorbent and breathable.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

When using complex fertilizers, it is important to control the nitrogen content is not more than 15 percent. It causes a rapid growth of shoots, resulting in an evergreen cedar may suffer from frost. Potassium and phosphorus on the contrary is responsible for good wintering, resistance to stress and frost, so their ratio should be more.

Выращиваем кедр из орешков своими руками

Cedar pine, so called in Russia, the cedar, has long life more than 400 years. And begins to bear fruit not earlier than 15-18 years. Most likely, you will not be able to enjoy the gifts of the cedar in life. But, you can leave a gift to future generations in whose hearts will live the memory of the man who created such a beautiful land.


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