Unproven: Vucic dismissed the suspicions of the “hand of Moscow”

Бездоказательно: Вучич отмел подозрения в «руке Москвы»Russia was not involved in the protests in Serbia, said the country’s President, Aleksandar Vucic. In the riots, according to several media outlets, was attended by foreigners and “American mercenaries” — the Serbs who fought in the Donbass on the side of Ukraine. Protests swept the Serbian capital due to the imposition of curfew and ban on Assembly because of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic rejected assumptions about the “Russian trace” in the mass protests that swept Belgrade due to the imposition of curfew in the epidemic COVID-19. The channel TV Pink policy asked if the relationship between Russia and protests.

“I have no proof of this,” said Vucic. He also said that the meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Serbia was postponed for technical reasons. Serbian head will meet with Alexander Botan-Melanie on Monday, July 13.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation earlier has acted with criticism of a number of publications in the media about the “Russian trace” in the Belgrade riots. “Obviously, the stuffing trying to keep in line with well-known conspiracy stereotypes of their sponsors, which is everywhere imagining the “hand of Moscow”,” — said in a statement.

Russian diplomats said that these media reports — “base contract”, designed to cast a shadow on the Russian-Serbian partnership.

In addition to the “Russian trace” some Serbian media have passed on the information that participation in the riots were detained citizens of Israel and Kyrgyzstan. The protests were attended by “American mercenaries” — served in the private military company Blackwater Serbs who went to fight in the Donbass on the Ukrainian side.

On the night of July 8 in Belgrade there were mass riots and clashes with police. The Director of police of Belgrade Vladimir Rebić reported 43 wounded 17 police officers and victims. According to him, the protest began “spontaneously”, the police were not ready to such succession of events and “aggression by the protesters.” He is also blamed for the collision and the attempted invasion of Parliament of the Republic of Serbia in the ex-MPs, opposition leaders Daniel and Srdjan Knežević Tion.

Arrested in the riots was 23 people, now the public order in Belgrade restored, summed up the chief of police. Prior to that, because of the situation with coronavirus in the capital of Serbia was placed under curfew. President Aleksandar Vucic said that Belgrade was “a critical situation”, in four cities, it is “alarming”. In addition, by order Vucic

from 8 July in Serbia is forbidden to gather more than five people in one place. Closed night clubs, cafes without the terrace and student residences.

In the spring of 2019, the Serbs in Belgrade went on mass protests, demanding Aleksandar Vucic and his government to resign. “We expect that the President will come out and talk with its citizens”, — said the leader of the protest, Mr. Vuk jeremić. The demonstrators surrounded the presidential Palace.

According to the interior Ministry of Serbia, the demonstrators attacked the police and tried to RAM trucks cordon. The Minister of internal Affairs nebojša stefanović condemned the protest and promised that participants will answer before the law.

Vucic in his address to the nation also said that all the rioters in Belgrade will answer before the law and will be punished. “Violence — the end! All who are involved in violence will respond in accordance with the law,” said the Serbian leader.

He also called the leaders of the protests Bosko Obradovic, Dragan Djilas and Vuk jeremić, “fascists and oligarchs” who want to “grab power and plunder the country further.” Anti-government protests in Serbia began in December 2018. Disgruntled Serbs accuse the government of creating a “climate of violence” and opposed to changes in pension legislation, demanding greater freedoms in the press.


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