Terrible forecast of scientists from the coronavirus will die 80% of humanity

In the next 10-15 years from the coronavirus can die more than 80% of humanity. But very very isolated wild tribes.

According to one version, while still not fully proven, but is already quite terrible, long-lasting immunity to the coronavirus produces only 17% of the population. All the others will cheer and cheer until you die.

On this not very cheerful term for all of us, reported The Guardian, citing a study by researchers from king’s College London.

Жуткий прогноз ученых: от коронавируса умрет 80% человечества

Now, I understand throwing the world’s governments, the transition to online mode at least until next year, tight restrictions in many countries, expectations of a collapse in the economy… Nothing is over. Or so: everything is just beginning.

According to experts, the highest content of antibodies to the virus recorded in patients three weeks after the first symptoms. Scientists say that 60 percent in this period seen a very high level of self-protection. However, then the immunity decreases. And as a result, only 17 percent of patients. After three months, the number of antibodies in the blood of most of the subjects fell to such an extent that some are not able to capture the presence of at least some immunity.

The study’s lead author Katy Dores believes that the denial of the theory about the long-term persisting immunity to the coronavirus can have a significant impact on the process of vaccination in different countries. That is, to be honest, to create a vaccine possible here only to be vaccinated is meaningless. And the collective, cross, herd immunity, which should recover 60-70 % in order to stop the infection, will not be too.

What proof do you have of this theory? Shortly before this, scientists from the Institute of Virology of Wuhan found that I had been ill COVID-19 patients have already appeared long failures of the immune system. Doctors conducted a study on the effect of coronavirus on lymphocytes — the blood cells responsible for immunity. And found that lymphopenia (either temporary or persistent reduction of lymphocytes in the blood) is a common symptom COVID-19.

That is, if nothing changes in the next few decades from the coronavirus would die most of the planet. Yes, as at the time of the plague. No, people do not die overnight, but with each successive surge of the epidemic, their resistance will weaken, the immune system cannot recover, and your lungs will increasingly be suspended by fibrous tissue.

Even the most healthy and strong in this mode will stand a maximum of 4-5 turns of the disease.

“If the infection occurs once a year or even every two years, in 10 years dies, the part of the population, which does not appear long-lasting immunity,” says the article British scientists.

So, you may be right, those experts who believe that a coronavirus is a kind of HIV that is transmitted through airborne droplets? What should I do? Should we hope that kovid sooner or later mutate and adapt to the “owner” will not kill him?

But now for most it is not fatal. It is not that he will be killed immediately, just the process will stretch over time and the body will not withstand such fluctuations.

In this case, many experts believe, probably, can only help an effective antiviral therapy and no vaccine.

I would like to believe that this is another horror story about the coronavirus, which for the past six months, there was a great variety.

But the Russian experts to whom I asked for comment, he threw up his hands: too little time has passed to judge with certainty what is and what is not.

The question of re-infection is still open: there are suspicious cases around the world, when people who recover from a coronavirus, was sick again, but it is not clear whether that is a new infection or the same virus, which has not had rectivirgula.


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