The most beautiful river in the world

We made the top ten most beautiful river landscapes in different countries of the world. Let’s enjoy this miracle of nature together!

1. The unique natural wealth of Colombia, the river caño Cristales, or rainbow, originates in the South of the mountain chain Macarena and flows East to the confluence with the river Guayabero. In the box caño Cristales five colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red.

2. Amazon is not only the most water-bearing river, it also forms one of the most picturesque river basins on the planet.

3. The largest in the U.S., the Missouri river is the main water source for the entire country. On the territory of the state of North Dakota in the Missouri flows into the famous river Heart (Heart River), and it is easy to guess, due to which it got such a romantic name.

4. River with turquoise water of the Futaleufu flowing through Argentina and Chile, attracts lovers of rafting and kayakers from around the world.

5. Lena is the largest river in North Eastern Siberia. Located off the coast of the Lena pillars, also known as the Stone forest are a natural and yet incredibly beautiful geological formation.

6. One of the symbols of our country and almost living element of our culture — the great and beautiful river Volga.

7. About two million people annually visit the Zambezi river to admire stunning views of the water cascades.

8. The picturesque Danube covered as many as 10 European countries. It serves as the main water artery of Central Europe and for centuries was a source of inspiration for many artists of European culture.

9. Horseshoe in Arizona (Horseshoe Bend) is a world famous natural landmark. Within the national recreation area Glen canyon the Colorado river encircles the craggy rock, forming a horseshoe-shaped meander.

10. Beautiful Yangtze river in China physically and culturally divides North from South.

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