Crimea gets water: Wasserman announced a new plan of the Russian government

At the bottom of the Black sea will be laid in the conduit, which in the Crimea from the Kuban river and will be supplied water. This opinion was voiced by Anatoly Wasserman.

The Crimea still cannot solve the question of water supply. Despite the fact that the Crimean scientists have found underground water supplies, they are all the same will not solve the problem. However, Wasserman is confident that the Russian government practically decided the question of water.

According to the Russian journalist said that Russia plans to supply water to Crimea directly from the Kuban river via a new water pipeline that will be laid under the Black sea, informs LigaNews with reference to the FAN.

According to Wasserman, the pipeline will be made from a synthetic film. However, they must be very firmly fixed on the bottom, so they don’t pop up. Don’t forget that fresh water is much easier salty. According to Wasserman, at this point, you should pay special attention, otherwise, the new pipe will complicate the navigation in the Black sea.

According to the journalist, the Ukrainian government will not be able to regain the Crimea, just cutting off the water supply to residents of the Peninsula.

Wasserman also sure that sooner or later, and the Ukraine will return to Russia. But even in this situation of things, the Crimea nobody will give to Kiev, as it was under Khrushchev.

As soon as Russia will build a new conduit, “Kiev terrorists” will regret that they again outplayed Moscow.


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