33 photos, where time and angle decide everything

It seems to us that required some special kind of luck to make the frame in the most perfect moment that will turn an ordinary and unremarkable photograph into a masterpiece, view a which or not be able to stop bursting out laughing or in horror will represent catastrophic consequences. And a professional photographer to be optional to get a frame — it’s all in the moment.

Sometimes the best photos are those that you have made the minimum of effort. And Vice versa.

“Yes, my dog always looks like that”.

New style in swimming — inoplanetyanki.

When owners and their Pets just on one person.

Refreshing hat.

Photo: Jérémie Bergerioux.

Seems like a fun water Park.

A curious monkey.

That’s what it means to look death in the face.

After this pictures about surfing, you can forget.

The boys probably will remember the taste of the drink.

Supergranny cat!

Rough morning.

Who has a beard longer?

This guy can hardly find his keys after a fun trip.

The penguin is clearly fond of surfing.


Still don’t understand how cats manage to drink.

Beer is a pity.

A double whammy.

Notice how different all the reaction to the flying ball.

There is generally something weird going on.

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