“Cruel and inhumane”: the United States return the death penalty

«Жестоко и негуманно»: США возвращают смертную казньUSA for the first time in 17 years return to the practice of the death penalty at the Federal level. Four of the offender will be subjected to punishment before the end of summer, they all involve the killing of children. The return of the USA to the death penalty has raised the IRE of the European Union, and, most likely, will be one of those American election campaign. Moreover, among the Americans still dominated by the number of supporters of capital punishment, although the number of States with an outright ban executions have increased to 22.

In the United States will hold the first in 17 years, the death penalty criminal convicted at the Federal level. The sentence Daniel Lewis Lee, killed 24 years ago a family of three must be executed on July 13, this decision confirmed the court of appeals for the seventh Federal circuit of the United States.

The intervention of the court of appeal was required due to the attempts of the relatives of the victims to postpone the date of the procedure Whether. They filed a petition in the district court of Indiana, explaining that I wish to attend the execution, but they are afraid of Contracting coronavirus. The district judge listened to their request, however, the court of appeal his decision was considered incorrect.

“No Statute gives the [relatives of the] right to be present at the execution of Lee. Not to mention the fact that the penalty does not involve the process of publicity… Nothing in the law does not entitle plaintiffs to request a postponement of execution If at that time they could or wanted to visit it”, — stated in the materials of the court.

However, the relatives of the victims disagree and still expect to achieve the transfer penalty, but after the U.S. Supreme court. According to CNN, they are preparing a petition without much change — the main cause is a coronavirus. Given that before the execution is less than 24 hours, it is unknown whether their attempt is successful.

If only the first a criminal who should be executed this week in the United States. Execution of capital punishment expect a few prisoners, mostly convicted for the killing of children and sexual activity — so technically the cycle of deadly plagues at the Federal level will be resumed.

The US return to this practice was criticized in the European Union. From the point of view of Brussels, the administration trump should reconsider its decision not to proceed to the use of lethal executions at the Federal level.

“It is a cruel and inhumane punishment, which is incompatible with the inalienable right to life, it is also not an effective deterrent in the fight against crime and is irreversible. The EU strongly opposes the death penalty at any time and under any conditions,” reads the EU statement.

An unofficial moratorium on the death penalty at the Federal level in the United States have acted since 2003. The main obstacle for the execution of steel controversy surrounding the rules for the use of lethal injections, but a year ago the President of the United States Donald trump announced the intention to resume this practice. Then “your way” was sentenced to more than 60 people in Federal prisons, which in General, represents a small fraction of prisoners — the vast majority of cases is under the jurisdiction of the States and the death penalty depends on local laws.

A return to executions

The final decision on the return of capital punishment, the U.S. government adopted in June 2020. Attorney General William Barr ordered to enforce the sentences for four criminals, one of whom was Lee.

“We owe the victims of these terrible crimes and their families to enforce the sentence imposed by our system of justice,” said Barr.

In his decision, the three criminals to be executed in July, the fourth — at the end of August. It is supposed to do at the beginning of the year, but trump has faced resistance from the protection criminals, and the local authorities.

In addition to Lee, the first executed will include Wesley Ira Burki, Dustin Lee Honken and Keith Dwayne Nelson. They are all found guilty for the murder of children or adolescents, in some cases, appear similar actions against adults. They have committed serious enough crimes that a consequence of the doing of the Federal government.

On the question of the death penalty American society is divided almost in half, according to the June Gallup poll, support the measure, 54% of respondents. Among the opponents of capital punishment is dominated by supporters of the Democratic party, and support its majority of Republicans.

Earlier supporters of the death penalty included the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden is a participant of the election campaign of the Democrats, although in recent time a politician claims that long ago changed his views. One of the provisions of his campaigns just refers to the need for the abolition of capital punishment.

Unlike his future opponent, trump his views on this issue not hide. For many years he is a supporter of the death penalty in 1990 even bought advertising strip in The New York Times to call for this kind of punishment for a group of teenagers accused of the murder of a woman in Central Park.

Active against the death penalty was carried out in the USA in the 1960-ies, which ultimately led to a moratorium on its application, applied in 1972. However, four years later, the Supreme court reversed this position for a number of States, and at the end of the 1980s and completely lifted all restrictions.

Staff issue

Subsequently, local authorities began to make their own decision about whether to retain or abolish “the highest measure” punishment. Currently, the ban on its performance exists in 22 of the 50 States. Latest to this list in March this year, joined Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a bill banning capital punishment and commuted the death sentences of three inmates to life sentences.

“Some people agree with my decision and others are not, I hope it will provide clarity and certainty to promote the law in advance”, — said the politician.

However, in other States the government is not so humane attitude to those convicted of heinous crimes. Last year alone, 22 people were executed in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and South Dakota. In the list of the most ardent supporters of the death penalty to include and Texas, where in the time of Governor George Bush Jr. was handed down the death sentence of 140 and only one submission.

One of the main arguments of supporters of the death penalty that such a measure is adequate punishment for killing someone. Opponents of capital punishment it is reasonable to fear the possibility of execution of an innocent man. The probability of error is always there, according to estimates by the American civil liberties Union, from 2011 to 2019 of more than 270 people have been wrongly convicted of various crimes, including 17 of them were sentenced to death.

In connection with the restoration of execution of capital punishment at the Federal level is likely in the United States will once again break out discussions on this topic. Probably, this topic can become part of the campaign, as before a new presidential election is less than five months. The main focus of trump and Biden in this regard are already in place — the current President will be on the side of the death penalty, and his opponent strongly opposed.


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