In breast milk found antibodies to coronavirus

В грудном молоке обнаружили антитела к коронавирусу

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In the breast milk of mothers who recover from a coronavirus, was discovered antibodies to the disease. This is reported by “Izvestia”, citing a study by researchers from the Beijing Institute of biotechnology, and a Preprint of the work of the team of specialists at the University of California Merced, implemented in collaboration with the Icahn med school at mount Sinai.

According to experts, in the milk of nursing mothers contain specialized antibody that can survive in the digestive tract after treatment of their gastric juice. Scientists believe that these antibodies protect babies from the coronavirus.

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Experts also note that in theory breast milk could be used in the treatment of coronavirus, but there are factors preventing this. In their opinion, the cost of such remedies would be unreasonably high. While in the milk can actually contain viruses.

Previously, scientists from king’s College London reported that immunity to coronavirus in people who have had the disease drops sharply in just three months. According to experts, the highest content of antibodies to the virus recorded in patients three weeks after the first symptoms. Scientists say that 60 percent in this period recorded a very high level of immunity to coronavirus. However, after three months of strong immunity to infection remains only 17 percent of patients.

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