Natalia Friske got her hair done and put on a dress-style Zhanna

Sister Jeanne Friske in one of the events wearing a dress the color fuchsia, which was during the life of the singer, also did a hairstyle with curls. Many noted more than a perfect resemblance between Natalia and Jeanne.

Recently in the Network several accounts on Instagram posted a video where you can see Natalia Friske at one of the events in Balashikha. Sister Jeanne played one of the weddings, and it is as two drops of water similar to the deceased sister, LigaNews informs with reference to “Moskovsky Komsomolets“.

Natalya was wearing a dress of fuchsia – this color was one of the most beloved Jeanne. She also decided to curl your hair, what more did her a similar relative.

Almost all netizens recognized the similarity of Natalia Jeanne. However, there were those who offered Natalia some work in the vocals and music education. Someone said that Natalie lacks the plastics and lightness, which at the time was Jeanne.

However, there were those who didn’t like that she constantly tries to copy his famous sister. Someone did not like the lack of a musical ear, and someone and itself sundress.


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