“This is unacceptable,” Kyiv has rejected the special status of Donbass

«Это недопустимо»: Киев отверг особый статус ДонбассаThe head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba spoke against granting special status to the breakaway territories of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. According to him, the Donbass can change your current status with a possible extension of the powers only in the context of the country’s total administrative-territorial reform.

Approval of the special status of the breakaway territories of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics is unacceptable, – said the head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

According to him, the Donbass can change your current status with a possible extension of the powers only in the context of the country’s total administrative-territorial reform, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Two days earlier, the Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in the trilateral contact group and Deputy Prime Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov predicted that safe reintegration of Donbass in the Ukraine will take at least 25 years.

“Not all of it at once, and why I say that Ukraine should be prepared for the fact that safe reintegration is a long time. It safe is my red line. Even if tomorrow we will hold elections in the territories, this area will long remain the abode of war”, — shared his thoughts diplomat.

Reznikov said that the Donbass is a “territory of war” as “from the point of view of mining, and the mentality of the people.” “There were born children who do not know what a free Ukraine, and today you’re going to school. Therefore, it is a long time in any case and we need to prepare for it”, — he added.

Ukrainian politician also said that residents DND and LNR is “quite conscious guys” that are against Ukraine as “I want to live in the Soviet Union.”

Kiev constantly making statements that the negotiations on conflict settlement in the Donbass progress is being made, although in reality no progress in this case yet remarked, for his part, the Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak.

According to him, the statements of the Ukrainian authorities that in August it is possible to hold a new summit of leaders “channel four” — Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France — are completely untrue.

“More and more I suspect that the laws of Ukrainian political genre — to demonstrate success, wishful thinking,” said the Russian delegate.

He explained that the next summit would be held only after all conditions of the December meeting, and while none of the items taken then fails.

“Many hours of fruitless negotiations often resemble theater of the absurd.

However, since in accordance with the Minsk agreements, Russia — one of the participants of the contact group, we and in these circumstances will do everything to peacefully bring an end to the conflict near our borders,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

Some time ago the former Prime Minister of the DNI, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, head of the volunteer Union of Donbass Alexander Boroday stated that the Donetsk and Lugansk will become part of the Russian Federation.

“I am confident that in a relatively short time of the Republic of Donbass will no longer a de facto part of the Russian Federation de facto they are already part of RF — and will be such and de jure,” expressed the opinion of the former Prime Minister DND.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that has no information about the alleged imminent possibility of the occurrence of the breakaway republics in structure of Russia.

He stressed that Moscow will continue to support the region with humanitarian aid. In addition, Peskov expressed regret that the situation in the Donbass is still not significantly improved.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov also said that the Russian authorities do not consider the options of entering the DNI and the LC in the state.

In addition, the Senator stressed that Moscow considers these territories Ukrainian lands, the place where the internal armed conflict of a civil nature.

I should add that now Russia demands that Kiev has intensified its efforts to implement the “formula Steinmeier”. The document stipulates that the Donbass will automatically receive a permanent special status within Ukraine as soon as the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) acknowledged that local elections were free and fair.

Kiev reiterated its commitment to the unconditional implementation of this formula at the last meeting of heads of States in Normandy format in Paris in December last year. In this specific implementation the formula of the Ukrainian side remains controversial.


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