The scientist told Putin that the coronavirus causes the development of diabetes

Ученый рассказал Путину, что коронавирус вызывает развитие диабета

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with the chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of health, academician of RAS Ivan Dedov, who told the Russian leader about the impact of coronavirus on blood sugar. The footage was shown on the channel “Russia 24”. The scientist said that coronavirus needs energy, so patients is on the rise in blood sugar levels.

Grandparents said that when he was in the clinic bring patients find they have increased sugar levels by two points. Although they never got sick with diabetes. “That is COVID requires energy, glucose is the fastest and most digestible”, – said the expert.

The doctor said that the virus are satisfied with the “storm” using the energy of glucose, taking it from the heart, liver and muscles.

Grandfathers said that the world’s many patients with type II diabetes, and people don’t even know it. In the world of 420 million people with diabetes. Every 7 seconds one dying patient.


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