The veteran, who refused to wear a mask, died of coronavirus

Former soldier from Ohio, who refused to wear a protective mask and “buy into all this hype“has died from complications related to the coronavirus.

According to the obituary, 37-year-old Richard rose from Port Clinton served for nine years — including in Iraq and Afghanistan — died at home July 4.

Just a month ago, April 28, a man wrote in social networks that ignores the recommendations of the authorities and has no plans to wear a mask.

“Let’s be clear: I’m not going to buy a mask. — said rose in a post, which after his death was shared more than 18 thousand times, still I was fine just ignoring all the hoopla”.

“And now you’re dead.— said after the news of his death one of the users — I’m Sure your family will regret that you didn’t wear the mask”.

Friends with rose, Nick Conley criticized the sarcastic replicas of some commentators, calling them “disgraceful” and calling on others “to show compassion“.

“You might not agree with him, but the man died and deserves pity and ridicule]”, — said the man.

He added that the incident “terrible” — especially given that rose’s death was “a consequence of its decisions“. Conley hopes that the story of his friend will serve as a warning to others.

“I know many people who were not personally familiar with any of the patients with coronavirus. I want them to understand that the disease is real. Perhaps realizing that all this is happening actually, they will finally become more cautious.”


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