In Syria, detained the militants, who collected information about military facilities of Russia

Syrian government forces detained near Palmyra three gunmen from the organization “Mahavir as-Saura”, which collected information about military facilities of Russia, Iran and Syria. About it reports TASS.

One of the detainees said that their training with weapons of American manufacture was held under the supervision of instructors from the United States. “We were taught to treat all weapons of the American instructors. All the weapons were American-made. I saw American instructors, they come to training, but the classes are Syrians. The Americans are watching from afar, check and evaluate the preparation,” said Abdullah al-Misat.

Specifies that the militant group had eight people, they hit a mine. Killed the commander, the conductor and another man. Three were captured by the Syrian military. “We were sent to complete the task in raqqa province, in the city of Mansoura. The task was information gathering. <…> We were supposed to get information about Russian, Iranian and Syrian sites,” said one of the detainees Jassem al-Ali told reporters.

Another detainee said that the job given a few thousand dollars. But it was the commander who was blown up by a mine. From prisoners seized several Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, ammunition, money and drugs


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