The lace points for CH2

Шнурок для очков Ч2

The desire to have a couple of extra points to work without worrying about their safety, has led to the idea to use glasses without handles. Because, not finding one, the second had to be cut off without regret. To solve this problem chose the old method of the grandmother, with the help of lace, but be smart.

1. This took PVC pipe, cut at half the length of the arms of the spectacle frame.

2. Notched tube with one end in half lengthwise so that part of it went to points and free under strand lace. On the other end made a cut at the cone from the bottom up, on the top of points.

3. Stachiw native mount to the frame, drilled two holes and secured the end of the tube by means of threads, dividing the cut end of the tube, that they were from different sides of the rim.

4. Then into the phone, tightened the cord and pulled it through the slit in the tube

But before you tighten the lace, put on the first tube of large diameter and flat shrink tube black. To give the product presentability look.

5. Elongated end of the drawstring tied into a bow to it, in the beginning of the entrance to the tube.

6. Have issued also the second end of the frame.

7. Then tied the loose end of the string, provided it is symmetry on both ends of the rim.

8. Wearing glasses, adjusted the tension of the lace on the head, taking into account intended factor of wearing glasses, which was to work to change their position on the head. For a quick change of position points and were designed tapered cut on the tube.

9 Adjusting the tension, again tied into a bow, both ends of the lace.

10. Then on the ends of the rim pulled the second black shrink tube, and slightly with a lighter narrowed at the rim, thus completing the whole process of fixation points.

Tip for testing: if in the reading plastic glasses salted with white spirit.


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