Cooking eggs in a hurry

Варка яйца на скорую руку

After I read the Council of Amateur hacking to break eggs before cooking, I decided to do also, but in a more radical way. 1.Take a thin knife and hit the blunt end of the egg.

2.Then put inside of the rim (cheap Chinese, made of soft wire, easily extendible), put everything in a wide mug with thin walls.

3.Getting water to the level of the eggs, boil for in a circle about three to five minutes subtract the gas

4.Turning off the gas, leave the egg in the circle continue to go about their business, and after five minutes take it out and run cold water.

This method is good, especially for lovers have boiled eggs, as depending on the dwell time of the yolk of the egg can be nedovrseni. Even those who dense yolk in the throat is not

If when cooking there is a white foam, then whisk collect, scroll in a circle and turn the gas otherwise can be lifting water, as when cooking milk.

A similar operation was doing (boils faster) to an electric Chinese Turk. But unfortunately threat for safety, if the water “runs away”, not trip at the temperature of the steam. Water can get inside.


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