Solar heater for pool with their hands

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

Comfortable water temperature for the pool on the street is about 23-25 degrees. Sometimes, however, the pool may not be located in the most convenient place, where direct sunlight is small, and the water remains cool throughout the day.

For such cases the author proposes to use a homemade solar heater for pool.

The principle of operation of this design is very simple: sun rays come on the front side of the heater and reflected in the direction of the pool water, heating it.

Of course, there are some doubts about the efficiency of the heater. After 2-3 hours the water temperature will rise only on the surface, whereas at depth the water would remain cool.

However, the author argues that in some places the pool is a high temperature (over 30 degrees), and when mixed with cold water to a comfortable swimming temperature. What do you think about this?


The first thing you need to do the reflectors. This author cuts pieces of the desired size from sheet metal. If the metal is rusty, then you need to clean the front surface from rust. The back side should be painted.

After this, you will need a certain amount of aluminum cans, of which the author cut out rectangular pieces. Glue them to the front surface of the sheet metal stock.

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

In the end we got a reflective panel. You need to make 6 of these panels.

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

Further from segments of area collect a frame, which is attached to reflective panel, and fabricate the frame. The author has fixed the frame on the frame in such a way that it is possible to rotate it 360 degrees.

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

Солнечный нагреватель для бассейна своими руками

Details on how to make solar heater for the pool with your hands, look at the video below. This idea was shared by YouTube channel Reciclaje y sustentabilidad.


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