Loud discovery scientists: mental abilities can “transplant”

Exercise improves brain function. Is it possible to trick the brain to make one accepted the miracle pill he “decided” that you play sport and become better, “brain bashers”? Scientists from the University of California found in the blood of mice protein that enters the blood during exercise. If you transfuse this blood to older mice, prone to inactivity, their activity and cognitive ability significantly improved. The work was recently published in the journal Science.

Громкое открытие ученых: умственные способности можно «пересаживать»

Thus it is possible to save the elderly, bedridden patients from impending dementia – decided at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). Supervisor Saul Villeda worked first with the blood of young mice that were given old. During the study, the blood, the search of particles that actually transfers the energy he and his colleagues found that this substance is an enzyme of Gpld1, which is produced in the liver of the mouse.

A new experiment was conducted on mice elderly and middle-aged. One group was forced to run in the exercise wheel for six weeks and then gave them the plasma of mice, which were without movement. After 8 transfusions during the three weeks of mouse inactivity become much better cope with tests for learning and memory (e.g., navigating a maze) than those who did not receive donor plasma. Their abilities were comparable with the ability of “runners”.

Team Villeda also reported that in rodents treated with the blood of the active mice, there was approximately two times more new neurons in the hippocampus – a brain area involved in learning and memory. This change is comparable to what is observed in rodents that are directly trained.

“It’s tempting, says molecular biologist at Princeton University, Colin Murphy, is studying the aging worms. – We always want people to be more trained, but not all can do it. It would be great to give people this in the form of tablets”.

It turned out that the phenomenon of the transfer abilities of some creatures in the brain of the less successful scientists noticed more than 30 years ago. As in the US and the USSR carried out similar experiments to improve the memory of snails and shellfish.

As previously told to the correspondent “MK” one of the participants of those works – the scientific Director of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS Pavel Balaban, our scientists came to the conclusion that transmit information neurons are not blood proteins and micro molecules of the donor RNA. Their work depends on so-called epigenetic regulation, which determines whether the animal or human to be expressed (to show activity) a particular gene. Memory, as it turned out, also works with the participation of epigenetic regulation.

Balaban gave an example of how most recently in Los Angeles his colleagues “trained” trained animals by transfusion of hemolymph from them trained. Pre-emptied of liquid, the researchers removed all the proteins, leaving only the RNA molecules.


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