Share secrets for growing a rich harvest of cucumbers

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков

Seedlings are planted in late April. Choose hybrids. I like variety: Hermann, Claudine, Mary, Anna, Claudia. If you like small cucumbers, it is better to buy the gherkin close family. All of these varieties are not susceptible to fungal diseases and viruses tobacco mosaic. Cucumbers early maturing, high yielding and suitable for planting in a greenhouse. Them well to salt and preserve. “German” can be planted in the open garden.

As I grow seedlings

Before you plant seeds, soaked in a solution of permanganate manganese. Take cotton fabric measuring 10 cm by 10 cm, dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate. Put the seeds on the cloth, wrapped and Packed in cellophane.

The solution made on the basis of a ratio of 1 mg of potassium permanganate in 0.5 liters of water.

All placed on a saucer and put in the heating battery.

After two or three days open and see if the seeds have sprouted. If given the green sprouts, then put in cups of yogurt. Fill out of the earth, tamped.

Put the sprouted seed, covered with soil and abundantly watered with potassium permanganate. Why manganese? It is a wonderful antiseptic, kills bacteria and microorganisms.

Then a glass cover with film and put it next to the radiator.

After 4-5 days the sprouts appear cucumbers.

Keep the seedlings on the Sunny side of the house. Watered as the drying of the earth.

Transplanted into the greenhouse when the average daily temperature will be above seven or eight degrees. Repot the plant if there is already one main sheet.

Cucumbers are very delicate, and the operation should be done very carefully. Prepare the ground. Dug, make manure, well loosened. Planting seedlings with a spacing of 25 centimeters from each other.

After planting in a greenhouse, cover the seedlings with newspaper from the sun. Abundantly watered planting.

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков

Cucumbers like moisture. But they are afraid of drafts. Therefore, in the greenhouse leave open the window with one hand.

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков

Every three or four days, loosen the soil, weed the weeds.

With the appearance of first flowers make a dressing. For this breed the ash with water in proportion 1 Cup of charcoal in a bucket of water.

Attention. Watered the vegetables only with warm water, preferably rainwater. To heat the water, put the bucket in the greenhouse, in the evening it is already warm.

The first collection I’m in the middle of June. With scissors carefully cut the fruit to avoid damaging the whip.

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков

That was my secrets for growing a green vegetable.

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков

Делюсь секретами по выращиванию богатого урожая огурчиков


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