Breakthrough: scientists at Oxford promised to ensure “double protection” of the vaccine against coronavirus

Researchers from Oxford University believe they have made a breakthrough in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19. Clinical tests on volunteers have shown promising results. Moreover, a team of scientists found that the vaccine can provide “dual protection” from the threat of infection.

Прорыв: оксфордские ученые пообещали обеспечивающую «двойную защиту» вакцину от коронавируса

Blood samples taken from patients during the first phase of tests showed that the vaccine stimulated the body’s production of antibodies to the coronavirus and T cells, reports the Daily Telegraph.

T-cells, or so-called “T-killer cells” play a key role in the formation of immunity to viral diseases. Scientists hope that this “double combination” will help professionals in the fight against the pandemic and ensure the safety of all mankind.

Previously in the UK, launched the second phase of clinical trials of a new vaccine. In it have taken part more than 10 thousand volunteers, among whom are people aged 56 to 69 years, children 5 – 12 years, as well as citizens older than 70 years.

The effectiveness and safety of the vaccine can be established only in the third and final stage of trials, which currently takes place in Brazil.


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