The patient again found the coronavirus just 10 days after recovery

It seemed that the 82-year-old man from Massachusetts was finally able to defeat the coronavirus after a desperate battle with the illness, but 10 days later his test COVID-19 was again positive. This became known from a study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

The patient, whose name was not disclosed, was first discovered COVID-19 in early April, when he went to Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital with complaints of high temperature.

The man belonged to the risk group, since they suffered from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure. His condition began to deteriorate rapidly and, in the end, the patient had to be connected to the ventilator.

After 39 days, the patient finally admitted fully recovered: a test for the coronavirus twice showed negative result. However, 10 days later, the man returned to the emergency Department with fever and shortness of breath.

Subsequent chest x-ray helped identify the traces of infection in the lungs, and another test showed that the patient has the coronavirus.

According to the authors of the study, the man managed to save the second time. He was discharged after 15 days.

Experts emphasize that this case calls into question the accuracy of some tests for COVID-19. They note that, although re-infection was “possible“, much more probable explanation — “the inaccuracy of the test” due to the long warusawithana.

And what about reinfection? Although definitive data on this question is still no, scientists have repeatedly drawn their attention to it. Thus, the study conducted by experts from the University of Amsterdam, showed that immunity to COVID-19 may disappear after six months, after an illness.


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