The state Department acknowledged the victory of Russia in the middle East

In the state Department admitted that 40 years trying to prevent the return of Russia to the middle East, but was unable to do so.

Us Department of state acknowledged the failure of his policy to prevent the return of Russia to the middle East.

This statement came from the lips of the assistant Secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker in the framework of the Internet forum of the German Marshall Fund in Washington.

According to the diplomat, the last 40 years, the American side did everything possible to prevent the restoration of Russia’s role as a key player in the middle East, but was unable to prevent it.

Shenker pointed out the mistakes of the previous government in the United States and called a strategic mistake of the former President Barack Obama “cordial reception” of the Russian Federation in Syria.

The American government hoped that the Russian side “is bogged down in Syria,” but these hopes were in vain. On the contrary, Moscow has saved the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from collapse.

“Assad is still in power,” concludes Schenker.

In turn, Bashar al-Assad noted that the presence of Russian military bases in Syria is necessary to ensure the territorial integrity of the country and balances in the UN Security Council.


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