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Bitcoin company Casa will provide their decisions to the “Fund for the protection of human rights”

Bitcoin company Casa announced about the partnership with the “Foundation for the protection of human rights” (Human Rights Foundation HRF), to help activists and dissidents around the world to protect their savings in bitcoins.

Casa HRF will provide its comprehensive solutions for the safe storage of bitcoins. The Fund will use a decision by Casa to protect donations in bitcoin, including those which were included in the newly created “bitcoin development Fund” which finances the implementation of solutions to improve anonymity on the bitcoin network.

“Bitcoin has great potential to help activists to raise money to combat violations of human rights in difficult political circumstances, but its safe storage was always a problem,” said Alex Gladstein, Director of strategy at HFR. “With solutions Casa activists can securely store their bitcoins. It is crucial that they control their private keys and always had the opportunity to move their funds to where it is needed and when needed.”

“Unfortunately, human rights organizations often face problems in managing your money, including freezing Bank accounts,” ― said General Director of Casa Nick Neumann. “It can happen to any organization. For example, in 2019 HSBC froze the account of a Hong Kong Pro-democracy group Spark Alliance because of political pressure. But bitcoin is changing the rules of the game. He secure reliable solutions that provide complete control over the coins. Bitcoin allows the activists to obtain and spend funds, so that governments and corporations couldn’t control it.”

Last month, Casa presented its mobile betoken wallet for beginners.


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