The physician called the danger of drinking coffee in the heat

Врач-терапевт назвала опасность употребления кофе в жару

In hot weather it is better to limit the consumption of coffee, not to cause harm to the body. How to avoid unwanted consequences, told in an interview to radio Sputnik physician, immunologist, allergist Irina Yartseva.

Cup of coffee is a regular habit for many Russians. However, a large amount of this drink can lead to dehydration, which is especially dangerous in the heat.

“Strict contraindications and evidence on coffee heat no. The main effect of coffee accelerate removal of fluids from the body. In hot weather it is especially dangerous dehydration. It is therefore important before taking or after taking to drink a glass of water. And, of course, to follow the course of the day for the well-being,” said Irina Yartseva.

If a person has additional physical activity, it is necessary to limit the amount of coffee.

“During physical exertion by perspiration loses much more fluid in the heat – even more. Therefore, coffee should be drunk in moderation, and more fluid. If a person has concomitant urolithiasis, the kidney damage is associated with impaired filtration, such people are not recommended more than one Cup of coffee a day,” he advised.

However, there is no difference, cold beverage to drink, or hot, added immunologist.

“There is no difference, because the active substance is one is caffeine. In any form, affects only the overall feel. I recommend not to drink more than three cups a day. This is the amount of water that people can fill with fluid and which is not capable of harm”, – says the physician.


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