The number of cases of coronavirus in India exceeded one million people

The total number of cases of new coronavirus infection in India exceeded one million people died of disease died of 25.6 thousand people, even 635,7 thousand people recovered. It is reported by the Johns Hopkins University.

Thus, India became the third country in the world where COVID-19 fell ill more than a million citizens.

In the first place in the global statistics are the USA — there are found more than 3.5 million infected, 138 thousand people died, more than one million patients recovered.

The second number of cases COVID-19 was Brazil — the country registered more than two million patients, 76.6 thousand people died, nearly 1.4 million recovered.

Russia remains fourth in the global statistics (752 thousand cases, almost 12 thousand dead, a thousand 531 recovered).

Everything in the world is infected with more than 13.8 million people. Almost 590 thousand people died. 7.7 million recovered


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