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Bitcoin addresses of hackers who hacked into the Twitter accounts of celebrities are associated with Coinbase and BitPay

The hackers that broke into more than a dozen Twitter accounts kryptomere and celebrities on Wednesday, unite their funds at the address, who had previously sent money to BitPay and Coinbase.

According to the data of analytical company Whitestream, three different transactions from the address 1Ai52Uw6usjhpcDrwSmkUvjuqLpcznUuyf associated with addresses Coinbase and BitPay. This legacy address, the hackers used initially, but later quickly changed it to bech32 address.

Now address “1Ai5” is a point of consolidation of all bitcoins that have been received in the attack. Address received 14,75 BTC (about $136 000).

Three transactions on the address associated with a Coinbase and Bitpay. The first is a translation of 1.2 BTC in may 2020. The last two (1, 2) was sent two days before the attack. According at courthouse hotel, the first transaction sent a small amount BTC to the address associated with BitPay, and the other two were sent to Coinbase.

It is unclear why the hackers decided to use this address, given the fact that the associated transaction can help them to de-anonymize.


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