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Waves Enterprise and Microsoft announce partnership

Company Waves Enterprise announced a partnership with Microsoft, in which Waves integrates their solution in Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

A five-year collaboration is designed to introduce new innovative solutions to Russian business and the development of ready-made scenarios optimizing corporate processes based on the concept of BaaS (the blockchain-as-a-service – the blockchain as a service).

Integration of solutions Waves in cloud services Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the Microsoft Azure Stack Hub will make them a part of the Microsoft ecosystem and providing broad access to Russian and foreign companies.

The use of analytical tools Azure will facilitate the collection of structured data, analytical reports and graphs from applications of the blockchain. Ready-made scripts in the Azure cloud will allow companies to quickly create an enterprise application or service, with a guarantee of security of corporate data. The service will allow for automatic auditing of smart contracts and the monitoring of network transactions.

According Waves Enterprise, the demand of the blockchain as a service is growing in Russia. Evaluation of market in the current year will be about 10 billion rubles, which is twice exceeds indicators of last year to 4 billion rubles.

In April, the Ministry of communications of Russia has officially recognized Waves of potential technology provider for future state initiatives.

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