The teenager became ill with the coronavirus after a party, which was attended by 300 people

Party July 4 at Harrisonville (mo) was attended by about 400 people. Now the teenager, who helped to organize, was diagnosed with coronavirus — and not him alone.

Cole wood admitsthat at first did not perceive COVID-19 seriously, but then became ill on 21 of his guests.

“A lot of people came. — he says — We are not too worried, I thought, with us it won’t happen.”

But then Cole — just like some of his friends developed symptoms of coronavirus. Test for coronavirus was positive, and now the young man is quarantined. Wood says that the incident “opened his eyes“.

“We all feel bad because of what triggered this outbreak [coronavirus], and understand that was supposed to be responsible. Cost to get everyone to wear masks or none at all do not ask.”

“The party can wait. — he adds, warning the peers who miss the noisy holidays — They’re not worth it”.

Local authorities asked all who attended the party held on 3 July, to comply with the quarantine for 14 days immediately contact your doctor if you have symptoms of the disease.


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