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Founder Bitazu Capital pointed to the critical level for bitcoin

According to the founder of cryptofauna Bitazu Capital of Mojito Sorota, the chances of a new breakthrough will be minimal, if bitcoin will not stay on the level of above $8800.

My current view of the analyst expressed on Twitter and said that the chances of achieving $20 000 this year still persist.

Why at around $8800 indicated Corot, is difficult to explain. Most likely, the position of the founder of CryptoPhone is based on the fact that the previous correction of the bitcoin was completed approximately at the same level.

Now the largest digital currency is trading just below $9200.

Informed observers have drawn attention to the increased inflow of bitcoins on the crypto currency exchange. Usually such player activity leads to subsequent sales of the coins.

The probability of a fall in the price of BTC is now higher than the chances of its growth, many experts believe. Apparently, Corot also maintains a negative scenario.

Trader and co-founder Blockroots Josh Rager also believes that, most likely, the rollback of bitcoin is inevitable.

Only this analyst is more pessimistic. He predicted that bitcoin will find a new bottom at $8500. The trend in the weakening of the BTC will be dominant, if the bitcoin soon will drop to $8900.


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