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Beijing unveiled a plan on development of blockchain innovation

Municipal government of Beijing published a plan to transform the capital of China at the centre of development of blockchain technology.

The plan of the 145 pages designed for the implementation of the “economic and social development of the capital using blockchain” and contains twenty specific objectives for the next two years.

First of all researches will be conducted in the application of technology in the creation of urban infrastructure and the digital economy. It is also planned the creation and implementation of a multidisciplinary blockchain applications, training of highly qualified personnel for the implementation of innovative projects.

Beijing should be the first to introduce the technology of the blockchain in the economic development of the city. The authorities plan to use technology in the field of accounting, Finance and taxation, of the creation of the real estate registry and unified electronic billing.

140 public services are already using the application block for data exchange, joint management of the business and issuance of electronic certificates.

The city plans to continue to support and develop the blockchain startups from a specially created state Fund.

The newly established China national network Blockchain Services Network (BSN) has successfully developed and builds “Internet of blockchains”

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