Tourist hand drill – a simple idea for a business

Hello, dear readers and DIY!
A few months ago, in late winter, walking through the well-known global marketplace Aliexpress, I found this tool.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаThe main purpose of this device is the drilling of holes for the extraction of birch SAP.
Twist drill bit wood 30X230 mm with screw head
A set of spiral drills for wood with a screw head 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25*230 mm
Wood drill with screw head 10-25 mm
— Inch steel water pipe
Abrasive polishing paste
— Sandpaper, spray paint.
The tools used by the author.
125mm diamond grinding disc for metal and stainless steel, angle grinder
The welding machine.
You need to repeat.
Of course, I was immediately surprised by the price tag on this simple device. For one drill with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 220 mm, manufacturer has requested nearly 1,700 rubles, and for the thinnest (10 mm) and short (180 mm) — almost 1300 rubles. Here is the link to the original product.
The probability that the drill, which would have made this product, was discarded on the production for different reasons — is very high. Respectively, and the cost should be minimal.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаSo, after a little searching, was found and purchased exactly the same twist drill bits in the form of a set of nine pieces.
Pay attention to the price. This set – 2750 roubles. The average price per drill – about three hundred!
This is four times less than the short and fine hand drill from the first seller.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаI apologize in advance, own photos until. When did not thought about the article, and now waiting for a new supply of drill bits Aliexpress. All finished products just grind.
To reduce the overall length of the drill I have slightly shortened their shanks grinder. By the way, I use for such purposes, 125mm diamond grinding disc for metal.
Perpendicular to the shank simply welded a piece of inch water pipe (on the thin drill — less). Importantly to its inner diameter suited to the outside diameter of the future corps.
Welding seam welded and the tube is cleaned with a grinder with a flap disk zachistit. The bare spots are degreased.
The drill itself is wrapped with masking tape and a shank with a tube painted with spray enamel in two layers. Before painting, I warmed the product up to 60 degrees. The paint is holding up much stronger.
Here on photos — similar items from Aliexpress, which serves as a knob to use a wooden stick or branch.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаТуристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаТуристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаТуристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаТуристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаSo, for ease of carrying and storage of these hand drill I cut the aluminum tubing of appropriate diameter billet suitable for each drill length.
So I got both handy carrying case and driver. The surface of the body I sanded with emery paper and polished on a felt circle using a paste GOI.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаSeparately, you can buy a larger drill bit 30 mm.
In addition, ordered more of that kind of twist drills. While in action test failed, but it seems to me that by the same screw heads, they will bite into the wood, dragging the cutting part the same as the previous version.
Туристическая ручная дрель - простая идея для бизнесаAnd finally. A few sets I took friends to a tourist shop and the other in the profile interior for fishing and hunting. The price tag does not bullied, threw every 250 – 350 rubles of the cost.
Has not passed also two weeks as started to call, and demand more… don’t Even know that all buyers are well liked in this device.
Of course, I’m going to do these manual drill on sale and on. That’s just the delivery to ensure no way. Only in your city. So feel free to repeat, competition You I will not be.
All good mood, sound health, and interesting ideas!

Sell the homemade or custom-made. Email me or leave a comment to discuss the details.


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