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The hackers who hacked the Twitter accounts of celebrities, sent a part of btcs to the wallet Wasabi

Company blockchain analysis Elliptic has published a report that 2.89 BTC, resulting from the mass hacking of Twitter accounts was sent to bitcoin wallet Wasabi.

According to the report, these funds (22% of all bitcoins received) was sent to Wasabi at 06:39 GMT, 17 July. The company Elliptic was able to identify the use of the purse, using “tools for identifying address Wasabi on the basis of distinctive patterns of transactions.”

Wallet Wasabi allows users to mix their bitcoins to increase the level of anonymity in the so-called CoinJoin transactions.

“The use of the purse of this type is not surprising. Law enforcement agencies track those who commit this kind of attack, according to the transaction prior to the time of withdrawal. Most of kryptomere identificeret their clients using KYC procedures, and this identification information is used by law enforcement. The use of purse Wasabi complicates the tracking of transactions”, ― analysts write. “However, thanks to the unique capabilities Elliptic to identify the address of the wallet Wasabi, exchange can check funds on the links with this purse. Now they know that the purse Wasabi were used for the laundering of the proceeds of the attack on Twitter, and can be more attentive to any customer deposits that are associated with that wallet.”

Company blockchain analysis CipherTrace and Chainalysis 17 July confirmed that the FBI is investigating the hacking of a Twitter account. Elliptic said that does not disclose information about work with law enforcement.


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