Body and spirit: 10 simple steps for a complete cleansing of your life

When a person leads long unhealthy lifestyle, he weakens, his energy runs out, health is deteriorating. The result — problems and diseases. Often people do not even notice how become a hostage to this reality, perceiving his life as “normal”, though she is far away from this.

To get out of this state, you need to “reboot” your life and your body, to get rid of all the excess. And to help in this detoxification, to spend which is much easier than you think.

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Cleansing oil

All oils, ranging from dining ending essential and cosmetic, have many beneficial properties, including cleansing.

For example, sesame oil, because it contained antioxidant sesamol, helps to eliminate toxins from the liver and kidneys. It reduces inflammation and helps eliminate heavy metals from the body, for example, lead and mercury. In addition, people who regularly used sesame oil, it was observed a decrease of inflammatory processes.

Equally useful linseed oil, which helps preserve the beauty and well-being if regularly and properly to use it. In order to heal the body enough to drink everyday on an empty stomach one teaspoonful of butter. In order to cleanse the dose can be increased to two tablespoons.

The purification procedure

You might be surprised to learn that cleaning your life, just cleaned up the house. Getting rid of unnecessary junk, you not only free space but also removes all the excess out of your mind.

In his book “Magical housekeeping” by Marie Kondo writes:

“Putting things in order in the house, you put things in order in life.”

And she’s absolutely right. Conduct regular audit of cabinets, shelves, closet and so on it is necessary not only in order not to acquire dust, but to make your life cleaner and freer. Try to get rid of what is not in use for several years and just keep it to you, and will immediately feel the incredible lightness!

Cleansing cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in fotoelemente possessing anti-cancer properties, indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which helps to reduce estrogen level by sulforaphane to reduce toxins, and many other useful substances.

Any nutritionist will tell you that cruciferous — essential elements of the diet, therefore, should not be neglected vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and Kale, kohlrabi, radishes, rutabaga and turnips.

Particularly useful broccoli sprouts, which contain a lot isothiocyanato. Studies in rats have shown that consumption of this vegetable reduces the risk of breast cancer and bladder.

Cleansing herbal teas

Herbal teas used in folk medicine by our grandmothers and it should be noted, quite effectively. It is not surprising that until now, the teas based on herbs regularly drink in many families. Due to its vitamin-mineral composition, such a drink can not only tone the body but also to have a positive impact on human health.

For example, tea from milk Thistle improves liver function, decoction of dandelion, burdock root and artichoke help flush the bile, a drink based on lemon balm has antispasmodic, analgesic and laxative effect, tea with thyme has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to cope with chronic fatigue.

Cleansing laxatives

Take care of your digestive system is just as important as all the body as a whole, therefore, carrying out the cleansing, do not forget your intestine. In this case, will a simple enema or suppositories special. A great natural laxative — tea made from the herb Senna, which is also often used for weight loss.

Cleansing massage

Massage is a great assistant in detoxification of the body. Using special techniques, the therapist stimulates the energy meridians of the body and improves blood circulation, which is beneficial to the natural purification system of the body — lymph. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Periodic cleaning of the abandonment of gadgets

It is impossible to imagine your life without gadgets, because for many people the Internet is not only fun, but basic tool. And all these smartphones, which every five minutes the notification, which urgently need to view.

Detoxification of the mind that involves a constant rejection of gadgets. It will allow you to devote time to other more important things. This can be communication with loved ones, reading books, or just a walk in the fresh air — important to give your brain some rest from the stream of information that endlessly pours on us through the screen.

Cleansing sports

There is no doubt that physical activity has a positive effect on health. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once expressed a simple but very wise idea:

“Movement is life and life is movement!”.

Movement stimulates the circulatory system and blood flow in turn helps other organs to remove toxins. If you have no time on active sports, just take a half-hour morning exercises and immediately feel like your body is filled with energy.

Cleansing Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a chemical compound of magnesium sulfate, has a bitter taste and acts as a laxative and cholagogue. This substance has anti-aging and antibacterial effect, promotes strengthening of hair and nails, is involved in the production of glutathione and metallothionein, which displays the body of heavy metals.

If you decide to purify the body, be sure to take a bath with Epsom salt with the addition of any moisturizing and essential oils. Epsom salt, as it is often called, is better absorbed through the skin, not through the digestive tract, so these baths are much more effective than pills.

Cleansing then

Sweating is one of the most simple and effective ways of detoxification. It is better to sweat by using saunas, because in this case, increases circulation and improves lymphatic flow, which leads to the elimination of toxins.

Although suitable for this purpose and any exercises that cause you to sweat and naturally cleanse the body. Don’t forget then to take a refreshing shower to wash away the released toxins.

Purification spirituality

Clean thoughts, and clean body, so do not neglect their religious and spiritual needs. Spend at least 30 minutes a day of spiritual development, meditate, say your prayers, stay alone with nature. Such practice is necessary to maintain the balance between spirit and body.

If you feel fatigue, dissatisfaction with life, depression and fatigue, try to purify the body by following the simple tips from this article. You can be sure that after completing all 10 steps, you will begin again to enjoy life!

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