“Guest from the future”: the actors then and 33 years later

In 1985, he went on television screens children’s television series science fiction feature film “guest from the future”, filmed on the novel by Kir Bulychev’s “one Hundred years ahead”. And even though it was not the first appearance of Alice Selezneva on the screens in 1981, has already been withdrawn from the wonderful cartoon “Mystery of the third planet”, with “ladies…” in our country started this aliomanu.

This year the film celebrated its 33 years. Let’s see how different actors over the years.

Source: Jjournal/dubikvit

Let’s start with the children. Modern photos of all classmates and If Julia could not be found, but as they say, the rich

Alisa Selezneva — Biochemist Natalia Guseva-Murashkevich, 2018

Julia Gribkova — Organizer of classical music concerts Marianne gray (Jonesian), 2018 (photo from facebook Marianne)

Boris Messerer is a Historian-orientalist, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosova Alexey Muravyev, 2018

Nick Sadowski — taxi Driver in Haifa semen Buzgan, 2018

Fima Korolev — Ilya Naumov works in the construction business

Albina Fetisov — Maria Babkina, 2018

Lena Tambasova Housewife Natalia Shanaeva, 2018

Mila rutkiewicz Housewife Catherine Auerbach, 2018

But this girl is not from our time, she, like Alice, from the future. She met nick at the launch site — Actress and model Inna Gomes

Well, adults. First, from the future

Pauline — Elena Metelkina, 2018

robot Werther — Yevgeny Gerasimov, 2018

Hence Ivanovich — Igor Yasulovich 19 November 2018. Photo of Mikhail Tereshchenko/ TASS

grandpa Paul — Vladimir Nosik 31 January 2018. Photo by Vadim Tarakanov/ TASS

Professor Seleznev Yury Grigoriev, 2018

fellow of the Institute Time Ivan Sergeyevich (which is in the next film, “Purple ball” will be a dad Alice Professor Seleznyov) — Boris Shcherbakov 27 September 2018. Photo by Sergei Fadeichev/ TASS

fellow of the Institute Time Maria Elena Tsyplakova, 2018

And now adults of our time (now the past)

Alla Sergeevna Ekaterina Vasilyeva, 2018

grandma Julia Fungal — Lyudmila arinina, 2015

Kolya’s mom Gerasimova, Tatiana Bozhok 27 November 2018 (photo from facebook actress)

Ishutin — Andrey Gradov, January 2018

Maria p. — Valentina Talyzina, 2018

March Erastovna — Natalya Varley 14 Sep 2018. Photo by Vadim Tarakanov/ TASS

Unfortunately no longer living:

Alexei Fomkina, who played Kolya Gerasimov

Mikhail Kononov Vyacheslav Innocent, who played a pirate Rat and the Merry fellow At

George Burkova, who performed the role of a doctor Alik Borisovich

Vyacheslav Baranov — PE teacher

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