A self-taught photographer shoots new York from this perspective that his photos are making me dizzy

A young photographer, thrill-seeker from new York shows unusual views of the metropolis.

To refer by the name Hamza Dis (Humza Deas) was only 17 years old, three years ago when it first published an article in the magazine NY Magazine. Talented photographer and self-taught has long been photographing the “Big Apple” from the rooftops and bridges, but is in constant search for new spots to shoot amazing urban landscapes.

In 2014, extreme photo of Hamza disa with his feet dangling over the “urban divide”, graced the cover of special issue of magazine “Reasons to love new York.” At that time, the young photographer was taking pictures of the metropolis on the iPhone with the highest points where he could reach. Teenager it could be called spider-Man pictures. He never ceases to strive for more, rising where others never had.

Now the young man is experimenting with a drone, allowing us to see new York anew. The most incredible pictures he publishes in instagram.

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