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All kind time of day. In connection with a decent amount I received letters about previously published articles with the design of the IMZoffer to your attention the continuation of this topic.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)The efficiency and ease of operation with the previously described device lot of people liked it. At the request of friends tried to simplify the design (for fast repetition).
The main ideas were:
1. To solve the issue with a simple and quick way of making the body from scratch (with a slight recurrence of his designs).
2. To simplify the design due to the availability of materials and parts.
3. To test a device when using inductors with axial conclusions, because it is not always possible to quickly find the perfect coil at the “weights.”
Data structures used:
– Plexiglas transparent thickness of 1.5 mm and 2mm.
– Unilateral foil fiberglass 1.5 mm thick.
– Fasteners 3mm.
– Radio in accordance with the scheme.
Tools used:
– Metal shears.
Technical Hairdryer.
– Clamp.
– MFI “Dremel”.
– Soldering iron.
– Screwdriver, pliers, etc.
Because of the need to have two pre-configured sensitivity range in this case was not, it was no longer a need for additional switch and a trimming resistor. Slide the switch was replaced with a clock button , which prevents forgetting to turn off the device (battery lives longer and “sliders” often fail) and simplifies the manufacturing of the holes for the rod in the housing.
Schematic diagram of the device according to the used parts (ISC-V5).
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)To improve clarity of operation of the electronic switch of the LEDs in the scheme of ISC-V5 has been added to the resistor R11, supplying a negative bias to the base of transistor VT4 (which solves the problem if the red led Shine slightly). The universality of the power-added low-profile socket DS213 under the plug 3,8х1мм. Also for ease of configuration and other experiments on Board there are pin contacts X1 and x2. On-Board ISC-V4 the above details missing, but there are jumper RZ1 and RZ2 which facilitate, if necessary, connect the external power supply socket. Also on the Board of the ISC-V4 installed inductors on the “weights” of energosberegenie Foton with inductance 1mHn, and on the Board of the ISC-V5 set of inductors with axial conclusions size 1mHn at 100mA. The height of installation of parts up to 8mm. Fee of ISC-V4 dimensions: 100х23мм.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)ISC Board-V5 dimensions: 107х23мм.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Fee ISC-V4 assy.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)ISC Board-V5 Assembly.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)The manufacture of the body.
In the manufacture of appliances decided to change the idea of producing boards under the existing case, and to try to make the shell of the finished boards. For housings used plastic of different thickness 1,5 and 2 mm (for the purpose of gaining experience for housings under other designs). As at hand was a crop of transparent Plexiglas decided to use it.
In the manufacture of the hull under the charge ISC-V4 you used the plastic of a thickness of 1.5 mm, under the charge ISC-V5 2mm. the Workpiece was cut with scissors on metal with a small margin size.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)The simplest case consists of two connected through the racks for cards U-shaped profile. Without removing the protective film of the workpiece is bent between the wooden bars by heating the places bend technical a Hairdryer. And further fixing the position until cool. During this process it was important not to overheat the plastic, otherwise it begins to thicken and turn white.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Next, the preform cut to the required size with the help of IFIs “Dremel” set in a makeshift stanochek ( That turned out to be very convenient, fast and accurately enough.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Then there was the removed protective tape and drilled the necessary holes. Edges are finished with fine sandpaper.

To the grounds of the buildings through washers with a thickness of about 1.5 mm by means of racks attached device boards.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Stands cut to the correct height (8.5 mm) to mounted on U-shaped aluminum profile, the form is also using the IFI “Dremel”. As a result, the height of the stands turned out exactly the same.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Due to the transparency of the case material was very easy to produce a layout for the necessary holes. There is no need holes for the LEDs. Show the location of the coils. The aesthetic need a transparent housing can be easily pasted adhesive tape of any color.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)If necessary, shortens long rod button, leaving up to 2-2,5 mm above the housing cover (depends on the length of the stock buttons).Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)The case is quite sturdy and comfortable. At the expense of aesthetics I do not know. External dimensions emerged: ISC-V4 15х27х105мм, ISC-V5 16х29х115мм
Power adapter for ISC-V5 were able to put in portable case charger from some Chinese toys. BP is assembled according to the diagram of a simple voltage stabilizer. The output voltage of 3.05 V. the Transformer produces a 9.9 V at idle with a maximum current of up to 350mA.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)This adapter is also intended to be used with previously manufactured device to check inductors.
Priborchiki it turned out with good sensitivity to both types of designs of inductors. A simple test can be performed using ordinary glasses with metal frames. As the rim of the glass forms a looped conductor. When approaching the rim of the glass to the coils there is a clear switching of the LEDs of the device.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)To illustrate the test rotors this article does not see the need because it is made in the preceding article. These little machines with the rotors work fine.
They also allow you to check the stators (assuming suitable dimensions and split design of the stator). Tested the stator with one burnt winding. The difference is the active resistance of winding of which amounted to only 0.1 Ohms. Although this difference of resistance (and more) can be found even on new stators. Priborchiki clearly showed the presence of interturn short circuit burned on the coil and no short circuit on the whole.Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Rubber band fixed button pressed.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Visually estimate the dimensions of the resulting thingies on the following pictures.
Простые конструкции ИМЗ (продолжение темы)Some electrical thingies:
– Operating frequency is about 80,6 kHz.
– Current consumption with supply voltage of 3V, maximum to 16.2 mA (when the red led is on).
Tested with supply voltage from 2.5 V to 4V. It required adjustment of the trigger point through trimmer resistor R6. In this voltage range operating frequency does not change. Changing only the amplitude of the generator and accordingly the sensitivity of the thingies. When the voltage is below 2.5 V the LEDs is virtually nonexistent according to their parameters. This is when the design of the products (including the distance between the coils) the best option power 3V, that is a relatively fresh battery or a stabilized power supply. To modify a scheme of internal stabilizer don’t see the meaning on the basis of the principle of reasonable sufficiency.
I hope that this article managed to answer some frequently asked questions resulting from the publication of the previous article.
If something is missed in description, I hope these details can be seen on the presented pictures. I apologize in advance for possible mistakes and misprints.
If you need additional information, please write, I will try have to answer that. Feedback, ideas, suggestions for improvement of the design and comments are welcome.
Suggestions on making homemade custom made or selling of finished products is not considered, because business is not doing, sometimes make friends and very good friends!!!
July 2020.
Stanislav Sarapkin.
Email: [email protected]


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