Actress Marina Makarova of “Lethal force” has died at 45 years: the cause of death

Actress Marina Makarova died on 46-m to year of life. The reason for the death of a star of serials “destructive power” and “Secrets of the investigation” was cancer.

Russian cinema has lost a talented actress, star of crime shows Marina Makarova, who died at age 45 from cancer.

On Sunday, July 19, according to Russian Dialogue, with reference to the statement of Kostroma drama theatre.

In the theatre called the actress a responsive and bright person and expressed condolences to her family and friends.

Meanwhile, the chief Director of the Kostroma chamber drama theater Stanislav golodnitsky reported that the cause of death Makarova was cancer. In June, the artist was diagnosed with fourth stage stomach cancer.

The actress passed a course of chemotherapy, after which lost a lot of weight. Later, as the actress deteriorated and doctors were unable to save her life.

In turn, directed by Lev Rakhlin said that communicated with Makarova five days before her death. In the latest interview , the actress has promised to pray for all.

Marina Makarova remembered by the audience for such TV shows as “stopping power” and “Secrets of the investigation”. Ceremony of farewell to the actress will take place on Wednesday, July 22.


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