Reports on Russia: Biden spoke about the briefings with US intelligence

Доклады о России: Байден рассказал о брифингах с разведкой СШАFormer Deputy Prime Minister of the USA Joseph Biden said that the intelligence officers carry out for him the briefings to share information about major international issues. And at these meetings discussed, Russia and China. In particular, it was attributed to Russia’s attempts to intervene in the presidential election. Biden also accused China of trying to deprive Americans of their confidence in the voting results.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the USA Joseph Biden said that U.S. intelligence holds for him briefings that relate, in particular Russia and China, reports TASS. It is expected that Biden in the upcoming presidential election in the USA will be a candidate from the democratic party.

The politician said that the American intelligence officers reported to him with information including those attributed to Russia of trying to “delegitimize the electoral process in the United States.”

“China and others are also making attempts to deprive us of the credibility of the results [of the elections],” added Biden.

Intelligence agencies of the United States accused Russia that she allegedly interfered in the electoral process in the presidential elections of 2016. The investigation conducted within two years of former head of the FBI Robert Mueller.

In April last year, the U.S. Department of justice has published its final report. It spectracolor admitted that he had no evidence of a conspiracy Donald trump, who then won and became the head of the country, with Russia. The trump has repeatedly denied allegations of any improper contacts with Russia in the period of the race. Moscow, in turn, noted that the allegations that she supposedly influenced the course of U.S. elections, have no reason.

With regard to intelligence briefings for presidential candidates, this tradition began in 1952 when U.S. President Harry Truman. He proposed to hold a briefing for Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower, so he had the idea of intelligence on major international issues.

At the end of August is held the national Congress of the Democratic party of the United States. It is expected to be officially announced that Biden is the candidate of the party. The presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

Earlier by order of the Fox News channel, which supports Republicans, was conducted the public opinion poll about whom Americans would go to vote. While Biden is ahead of trump by eight percentage points. But, according to the survey results for the month, the gap between the candidates has shrunk.

Candidates Joseph Biden 49% support of respondents, and for the re-election of Republican trump for a second term ready to be 41%. Other respondents noted that not yet made their final opinion regarding the candidates.

A survey conducted in June, showed that at that time the gap between the candidates was 12 percentage points (50% and 38%) in favor of the Democrat Biden.

Another poll commissioned by broadcaster ABC and The Washington Post, showed that Biden is ready to vote 54% of respondents, the trump — only 44%.

Previously, trump has said that he can state that recognizes any outcome of the elections. In an interview with Fox News channel asked about, whether he accepts the election results for President of the United States, whatever they were. “I need to see [results]. No, I’m not going to say Yes,” said trump.

But he said with confidence once again that Biden, if he is in power, “destroy the country”. “I would not like to speak in this way. I would say that he is not qualified to be President,” said trump in response to a question about whether he considers his main political opponent prone to dementia.

“Biden can’t put two words together. They just rule . He reads from the teleprompter and then back in his basement,” trump added, describing the opponent.


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