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How to buy bitcoin anonymously?

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The rapid spread of the Internet and the exponential growth of the number of attackers entice a user to preserve the privacy, anonymity and security of communications. The problem of data loss, password, phishing and extortion, have become, unfortunately, commonplace, so security in the Network is now more relevant than ever. For the first six months 2020 malefactors earned on naive users $24 million worth of bitcoin during the last 4 years, this figure reached only $38 million.

What can I say, on the night of July 16, 2020 hackers attacked the Twitter network and gained access to the personal accounts of prominent political figures and opinion leaders that use it for personal purposes. Of course, it sometimes comes to the banal letters in the mail of this nature, as in the photo.

Discuss the issues of anonymity in the Network

Undoubtedly, to preserve anonymity on the Internet need to leave a minimum of information, particularly financial. Because at any time an unscrupulous employee payment companies can sell Your data and all Holos. It is sad that to get the information back You will not be able, even if the guilty will find.

In such circumstances, a good solution is to use a cryptocurrency.

Buy bitcoin nowadays can be, but it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance: you need to go through different registration, verification, KUS, АML, place orders, and then look for a place where to store it safely.

To entrust the information to a third party — not the best option. Despite the existence of many well-known and time-tested centralized services, even they have from time to time leaks of data.

So how to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously? — There are several methods and we will consider it.

OTC/P2P transaction

Yes, exactly, OTC or P2P transaction leaves digital traces. This method allows you to find bitcoin sellers in your area, and You personally go through with the transaction at the meeting. The ideal case is familiar to miners, they always have the coin in stock and they need money (cash) to pay for operating costs. With this You get a “clean” bitcoins. However, in this method there are risks — scammers are on the alert and we must be very careful, always choose a trusted seller. Wait for at least 1-3 network confirmation of the transaction in cryptocurrency and only then transfer money, conduct transactions in a safe place and always be “on guard”.

In General, it is not very convenient, but in terms of the digital economy looks a little weird.

Anonymous online service

And these are?! — Indeed, if you type in google “buy crypt anonymously”, it will generate a lot of articles and Lithgow on this subject, but does not provide a particular service. It turns out that the average user is difficult to find service for purchasing bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is not required to provide personal information or undergo verification. However, there is one bitcoin wallet, in which the developers have made every effort for everyone to buy or sell bitcoin and remain anonymous. Let us for example show how simple it can be done in the Trustee purse Wallet:

  • First You need to install the app on the phone. Trustee available for both Android and iOS;

  • The next step is necessary to keep the seed phrase in a safe place. Recall that Seed-phrase is the only way to regain access to Your funds in case of damage or loss of the mobile device;
  • Next, click to PURCHASE, choose the purchase currency – the hryvnia or ruble and the currency you want to buy, such as bitcoin. Then enter the amount of the purchase, you can choose both in Fiat and in bitcoin;
  • The last step, after which the magic begins. You need to add a card that will be paying, putting her number and expiration date. Click to buy;
  • In front of You a screen with a description of the transaction, wherein the amount of cryptocurrency, the exchange rate, Bank Commission, Commission of the network of the coin, the Commission services and the quantity of the Fiat. Click on buy and proceed to processing where you enter the CVV code. Proof of purchase is through an SMS code from the Bank because the service works only with 3D-Secure cards!

Nothing more needs to be done, just awaiting the arrival of cryptocurrency to Your wallet. Once the incoming transaction will be at least one proof of network tools can be used. It should be noted that the wallet has “neoscopelidae” structure, that is, nobody but You has access to funds, even created a service.

Selling even easier – indicate the amount and sell on the card was added previously, or a new number of cards to add is not limited.

So where is the anonymity? You ask

Anonymity is that in both cases, You do not leave any personal information. Of course, in the case of OTS for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies chances deanonimizatsiyu more than in the online service, because there is direct contact with the second side. With regard to the Trustee Wallet, then there is no need to enter personal information such as mail ID, different selfie, a photo or anything, just the card number. By the way, the credit card number to determine the identity of the card holder of any of the parties to the transaction.

It should be noted and additional features that the application provides, in particular:

  • HD wallet – allows you to increase the anonymity of the bitcoin transaction, as each send or receive will use a new bitcoin address;
  • Segwit addresses for bitcoin – save on bitcoin transactions;
  • RBF (replace-by-fee) allows you to speed up bitcoin transactions by increasing the fee of the network;
  • The use of unconfirmed transactions – allows you to send the queued bitcoin transaction without evidence of previous, as well as to use a bitcoin that has not come to address.

What a way to anonymize the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies to choose — the decision is yours to make, but as you can see there are options.

If you have any questions or suggestions, You can always voice them in the chat Telegram Trustee, where experienced specialists will provide all the answers!

Material provided by the customer and published on a commercial basis. The editorial is not relevant to the project and is not responsible for your trading or investment decisions. Any trade with scriptactive are increased risks due to the nature of the market; examine the project before making the investment.


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