Fitness fan died from a rare metabolic complications of drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

Fitness fan died in the back yard of their house after he drank alcohol on an empty stomach.

Alice Burton Bradford, 27 years old, died due to a rare metabolic problem called alcoholic ketoacidosis. As a rule, it may provoke consumption of alcohol on an empty stomach or on the background of prolonged fasting.

Relatives said that Alice suffered from alcoholism: on the contrary, the girl was led a healthy lifestyle, regularly rode a bike and went for a run.

“We are all in shock. says a friend of Bradford, Aaron Mulvey who knew her for 8 years — no One saw this coming”.

“I don’t know how much she drank, but she wasn’t exactly an alcoholic. — emphasizes another friend died — She was eating enough and apparently that’s [provoked ketoacidosis]”.

“It was all so sudden. <…> She just walked into his garden and died there.”


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